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Awesome FastAPI |

A curated list of awesome things related to FastAPI.

FastAPI is a modern, high-performance, batteries-included Python web framework that's perfect for building RESTful APIs.


Third-Party Extensions


  • FastAPI Admin - Functional admin panel that provides a user interface for performing CRUD operations on your data. Currently only works with the Tortoise ORM.
  • Piccolo Admin - A powerful and modern admin GUI, using the Piccolo ORM.
  • SQLAlchemy Admin - Admin Panel for FastAPI/Starlette that works with SQLAlchemy models.




  • FastAPI SQLAlchemy - Simple integration between FastAPI and SQLAlchemy.
  • FastAPIwee - A simple way to create REST API based on PeeWee models.
  • GINO - A lightweight asynchronous ORM built on top of SQLAlchemy core for Python asyncio.
  • ORM - An async ORM.
  • ormar - Ormar is an async ORM that uses Pydantic validation and can be used directly in FastAPI requests and responses so you are left with only one set of models to maintain. Alembic migrations included.
  • Piccolo - An async ORM and query builder, supporting Postgres and SQLite, with batteries (migrations, security, etc).
  • Prisma Client Python - An auto-generated, fully type safe ORM powered by Pydantic and tailored specifically for your schema - supports SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB and more.
  • Tortoise ORM - An easy-to-use asyncio ORM (Object Relational Mapper) inspired by Django.
  • SQLModel - SQLModel (which is powered by Pydantic and SQLAlchemy) is a library for interacting with SQL databases from Python code, with Python objects.

Query Builders


  • Beanie - Asynchronous Python ODM for MongoDB, based on Motor and Pydantic, which supports data and schema migrations out of the box.
  • MongoEngine - A Document-Object Mapper (think ORM, but for document databases) for working with MongoDB from Python.
  • Motor - Asynchronous Python driver for MongoDB.
  • ODMantic - AsyncIO MongoDB ODM integrated with Pydantic.

Other Tools

Developer Tools


  • FastAPI Mail - Lightweight mail system for sending emails and attachments (individual and bulk).



Official Resources

  • Documentation - Comprehensive documentation.
  • Tutorial - Official tutorial showing you how to use FastAPI with most of its features, step by step.
  • Source Code - Hosted on GitHub.
  • Discord - Chat with other FastAPI users.

External Resources

  • FastAPI - Multiple FastAPI-specific articles that focus on developing and testing production-ready RESTful APIs, serving up machine learning models, and more.

















Docker Images

  • inboard - Docker images to power your FastAPI apps and help you ship faster.
  • uvicorn-gunicorn-fastapi-docker - Docker image with Uvicorn managed by Gunicorn for high-performance FastAPI web applications in Python 3.7 and 3.6 with performance auto-tuning.
  • uvicorn-gunicorn-poetry - This Docker image provides a platform to run FastAPI using Gunicorn with Uvicorn workers. It provides Poetry for managing dependencies and setting up a virtual environment in the container.
  • uvicorn-poetry - This Docker image provides a platform to run FastAPI with Uvicorn on Kubernetes container orchestration system. It provides Poetry for managing dependencies and setting up a virtual environment in the container.

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