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Awesome Play1

A collection of awesome Play 1.x modules, tools, and resources.

Inspired by awesome-php, awesome-python, frontend-dev-bookmarks and awesome-ruby.

Contributions are always welcome!


Lists all the modules available with the following badges :

the module is registered in The badge points to the registered page.
the module is not registered in You have to add an external repository in your dependencies.yml file. The badge points to the official module page.
the module is available in MavenCentral thanks to the maven-play-plugin. The badge poins to the maven repository of the module.
the module has been updated since has been frozen. The badge points to the official module page.

The modules are divided in the following categories :

If you want to contribute information about a module, please refer to the guide.






  • [akka] Akka support Allows you to configure akka through The Play! framework’s conf/application.conf file.
  • [camel] Camel A EIP + Messaging module for the Play! Framework
  • [pusher] Pusher This module lets you easily add realtime functionality to your Play applications with Pusher using websockets.
  • [rabbitmq] RabbitMQ RabbitMQ offers a highly available and scalable, and yet lightweight, messaging system.



  • [associations] Associations This module reduces the code to manage bi-directional associations.
  • [cream] JCR for Play! A module that seamlessly integrates Apache Jackrabbit(JCR 2.0) with Play framework
  • [ebean] EBean ORM support Adds Ebean ORM to play!. Still in very experimental phase.
  • [mongo] MongoDB Provides a simple, elegant solution for using models stored in mongodb. For a more complex use cases, please take a look at the morphia module.
  • [morphia] MongoDB Integration Seamlessly MongoDB access integration with Play’s Model interface.
  • [mybatisplay] MyBatisPlay Provides support for MyBatis persistence framework.
  • [neo4j] logisima-neo4j Integrate neo4j database into your play! project.
  • [objectify] Objectify Objectify is a flexible abstraction on Google App Engine/J which makes data access simple and elegant
  • [orientdb] OrientDB OrientDB for Play! Framework
  • [redis] Redis The Redis Play! module helps you easily use Redis in your Play! applications
  • [riak] Riak Allow to use riak-java-client in play! way.
  • [s3blobs] S3Blobs The S3Blobs Play Framework Module provides an easy way to read an write files from Amazon S3 from within JPA entities.
  • [siena] Siena Enables Siena support to map your Java entities to GAE/MySQL/PostgreSQL/H2 from your play application
  • [twig] Twig Twig superpowers Google App Engine’s Datastore for Play applications. Get a fluid API, in-memory joins, and asynchronous queries out of the box.



  • [jersey] Jersey Integrates Jersey into the Play! Framework.
  • [resteasy] RESTEasy Play! module The RESTEasy Play! module allows you to define JAX-RS RESTful web services in the Play! Framework using RESTEasy.
  • [resteasycrud] RESTEasy CRUD module The Play! RESTEasy CRUD module which allows you to automagically generate your RESTful CRUD resources for a given model
  • [swagger] Swagger Creates a self-documenting meta-description for REST APIs which allows for code-gen, UI-sandbox, and test framework.


  • [crudsiena] CRUD for Siena Offers a fully usable web interface for your Siena Model objects with a few more features than default [crud] module.
  • [mocha] Mocha An implementation of mocha UI javascript interface for Play!
  • [play-bootstrap][Basic bootstrap scaffolding]( Creating Bootstrap based applications (derived from the default [scaffold] module).
  • [scaffold] Scaffold Scaffold will generate basic scaffolding for bootstrapping a project from your JPA or Senia entities
  • [elasticsearch] ElasticSearch Elastic Search is a Distributed Search Solution based on Apache Lucene. This module provides an embedded Elastic Server instance for Rapid Development.
  • [search] Search Search allows you to have basic full text search functionalities to your JPA Model. It is based on Lucene.


  • [browserid] BrowserID BrowserID is an experimental new way of signing into websites. The goal with BrowserID is to design something safe and easy for users and the developers.
  • [cas] logisima-cas This module is a CAS client for Play! application.
  • [casino] Casino This project provides a simple method to integrate sign-up and password recovery to your project
  • [deadbolt] Deadbolt Deadbolt is an authorisation mechanism for defining access rights to certain controller methods or parts of a view
  • [fbconnect] Facebook connect Easily integrate Facebook based authentication into any Play framework application.
  • [force] Build Play! applications that integrates to Provides OAuth authentication and REST API adapter.
  • [linkedin] LinkedIn OAuth Authentication Easily integrate LinkedIn’s OAuth authentication into your Play Framework application
  • [oauth] OAuth Client This module provides tools to connect to an OAuth provider, such as Twitter or Google.
  • [recaptcha] Recaptcha Quickly integrate challenge-response test in your applications.
  • [securepermissions] Secure Permissions Extends the defaut secure module to add permission checks based on the rules in the Seam Framework (based on Drools rules).
  • [securesocial] SecureSocial SecureSocial allows you to add an authentication UI to your app that works with services based on OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID and OpenID+OAuth hybrid protocols
  • [shibboleth] Shibboleth Allow users to login to your Play! application via Shibboleth.



  • [cobertura] Cobertura Integrates with Cobertura to calculate the percentage of code accessed by tests (test coverage).
  • [httpmock] HttpMock Caches WebService requests to emulate them in order to overcome connection problems (lag, denial of service, HTTP errors) for fast developping.
  • [mockito] Mockito Mockito is a mocking framework that tastes really good
  • [qunit] QUnit The QUnit module provides integration of JUnit Javascript tests with the Play! Framework.
  • [spocktests] Spock tests Runs Spock specifications and to write BDD style tests (still wrapped as junit) with the expressive power of groovy.
  • [springtester] spring tester Write tests that can auto-magically inject mocks (using Mockito) into Play applications wired up using the spring module.
  • [tests] Alternative Test module The Test Module for Play!Framework helps you write tests quicker, is a cleaner and reusable manner.
  • [webdrive] Webdrive WebDrive module provides Selenium 2 testing support for Play framework


  • [i18ntools] I18ntools This module will add some tools to ease use of i18n in your Play! projects.
  • [messages] @messages Module messages provides a web based tool for managing your application’s localizations.
  • [nemrod] Nemrod This module helps to import and export translations from your application to a Nemrod instance automatically.
  • [play-i18ned][Play-i18ned]( Converts default i18n files from an Excel Sheet and the other way around.



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