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Awesome Open Company

A community-curated list of awesome open companies, inspired by the many awesome-x lists out there.

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Table of contents

  1. What is an open company?
  2. Companies
  3. Resources
  4. Books
  5. Articles
  6. Videos
  7. Similar lists
  8. License

What is an open company?

An open company is defined, for the purposes of this list, as a for-profit organization whose core practices are guided by principles of openness, transparency and interoperability. This philosophy can be summarized by the maxim:

Share as much as possible, charge as little as possible.

derived from the original formulation by Gittip (now Gratipay).

In practice, this often means:

The following pages provide a more detailed overview of this concept:


CompanyOpenness PledgeOpen ProductStatementOpen Finance
Aleph ObjectslinkN/A
Arduino LLCArduino - Introduction:octocat:Arduino
AtlassianCompany values — AtlassianN/A
BalsamiqCompany — BalsamiqN/A
BufferBuffer's transparency dashboard: Public salaries, equity and more:octocat:MiscWhy we have a core value of transparency at our startupRevenue
ClarifyClarify - Launch and manage your careerN/A
CodeCombatCodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game:octocat:CodeCombatWhy you should open-source your startup
CouchbaseOpen Source Projects:octocat:All Products
Dangerous PrototypesAbout - DPProjects
DreamwidthAbout Dreamwidth Studios:octocat:Dreamwidth
ElasticOpenness, transparency, and collaboration are at the heart of all that we do.:octocat:Misc
GitLabAbout Us — GitLabGitLab
GratipayWelcome to Gratipay:octocat:All ProductsThe first open companyFinance
Growstuff(archive) Values - Growstuff Wiki:octocat:GrowstuffWhy Growstuff is open source
MapBoxOpen Source - MapBox:octocat:Misc
Neocities(archive) Neocities - stats:octocat:Neocities.orgThe first Neocities Open Company report
New VectorWork in the open:octocat:Misc
NiteoNiteo Handbook:octocat:Pareto Security
OpenCraftOpenCraft — Open edX Development & Hosting ServicesN/A
ProtonMailProtonMail is Open Source!Web Client; OpenPGPjsProtonMail Open Source Cryptography
Read the DocsRead the Docs Open Source Philosophy:octocat:readthedocs.orgFunding
Red HatRed Hat Jobs - Our cultureMisc
RStudioWhat makes RStudio different?RStudio - About
SentryAbout SentrySentryDriven by Open Source
SoftwareMill40 CEOs in 1 company:octocat:MiscOpen finances
TesselOpen Source - Tessel:octocat:Tessel
TransloaditOpen Source:octocat:UppyJobs & Culture
wemake.serviceswemake-services/meta §





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