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Machine Learning & Deep Learning Tutorials



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Artificial Intelligence

Genetic Algorithms


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Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Model Validation using Resampling

Deep Learning

- [Theano](

- [Website](

- [Theano Introduction](

- [Theano Tutorial](

- [Good Theano Tutorial](

- [Logistic Regression using Theano for classifying digits](

- [MLP using Theano](

- [CNN using Theano](

- [RNNs using Theano](

- [LSTM for Sentiment Analysis in Theano](

- [RBM using Theano](

- [DBNs using Theano](

- [All Codes](

- [Deep Learning Implementation Tutorials - Keras and Lasagne](

- [Torch](

- [Torch ML Tutorial](, [Code](

- [Intro to Torch](

- [Learning Torch GitHub Repo](

- [Awesome-Torch (Repository on GitHub)](

- [Machine Learning using Torch Oxford Univ](, [Code](

- [Torch Internals Overview](

- [Torch Cheatsheet](

- [Understanding Natural Language with Deep Neural Networks Using Torch](

- Caffe
- [Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Caffe and cuDNN](

- TensorFlow
- [Website](

- [TensorFlow Examples for Beginners](

- [Stanford Tensorflow for Deep Learning Research Course](

- [GitHub Repo](

- [Simplified Scikit-learn Style Interface to TensorFlow](

- [Learning TensorFlow GitHub Repo](

- [Benchmark TensorFlow GitHub](

- [Awesome TensorFlow List](

- [TensorFlow Book](

- [Android TensorFlow Machine Learning Example](

- [GitHub Repo](
- [Creating Custom Model For Android Using TensorFlow](
- [GitHub Repo](

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Support Vector Machine

Reinforcement Learning

Decision Trees

Random Forest / Bagging



Stacking Models

Vapnik–Chervonenkis Dimension

Bayesian Machine Learning

Semi Supervised Learning


Other Tutorials

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  • For a collection of Data Science Tutorials using Python, please refer to this list.

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