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Awesome Silverstripe CMS

Useful resources for Silverstripe Framework and CMS

Silverstripe CMS is an open source PHP framework for building web applications. It is a rapid development MVC framework that serves as a classic fully fledged CMS or as a headless CMS, which can be queried either via GraphQL or a custom API. Following the "Active Record" design pattern, you can easily extend the built-in functionality with a project specific data model.

Contributions welcome, please send a pull request or open an issue to start a discussion.

Outdated items can be found in the archive.



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Very Useful Modules

Module Listings

General Modules

I18N (Internationalisation)

  • Fluent - Multi-language translate module for Silverstripe, without having to manage separate site trees.
  • Autotranslate - Creates automatic translations of fields using Google Translate API.
  • Silverstripe Searchable - Adds more complex site searching using the Silverstripe ORM. With dedicated templates for search results across multiple search objects.
  • Searchable DataObjects - Fast and simple MySQL based search. Useful for single language sites.
  • Fulltext Search - Full fledged search interface for Solr4.
  • Fulltext Search Local Solr - Easy to install Solr4 instance for local development.
  • Solr search - Interface for Solr search, supporting up to the latest Solr version. With submodules for e.g. transitioning from the "Fulltext Search" module, as well as subsite, fluent and others.

Development Helpers

  • Debugbar - Shows debugging statistics in your browser.
  • IdeAnnotator - Auto-generates class annotations on dev/build.
  • Populate - Populate your database through YAML files.
  • Mock DataObjects - Allows DataObjects to self-populate intelligently with fake data.
  • Version Truncator - Automatically delete old SiteTree page versions.
  • UserSwitcher - Adds a small form both in the frontend and backend to quickly login as any user.
  • Masquerade - Allows an Administrator to "login" as another "Member". This can be useful for debugging and remote support.

Fancy Form Fields

  • Markdown Field - Can replace your HTMLEditorFields (using TinyMCE) so you can utilise Markdown syntax.
  • Code Editor Field - Gives you a syntax-highlighted text area field - great for CMS-based YAML or HTML.



  • SSPak - Tool for managing bundles of db/assets from Silverstripe environments.
  • SSPy - Python version of SSPak, that can handle assets more than 2GB.

IDE Plugins



There is no official box like Laravel has its homestead box. However, there are a few good boxes out there for Vagrant you could use:


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