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Awesome RethinkDB

A curated list of awesome RethinkDB resources, libraries, tools and applications

Inspired by the awesome list. Feel free to improve this list by contributing!

Table of Contents

RethinkDB Ecosystem



JavaScript Libraries

  • RethinkDB JavaScript - Officially Supported JavaScript Driver.
  • Maintainer: RethinkDB Team
  • RethinkDB Dash - An advanced Node.js driver for RethinkDB with connection pool and Streams Support.
  • Maintainer: Michel
  • Thinky - JavaScript ORM for RethinkDB
  • Maintainer: Michel
  • JSData RethinkDB - RethinkDB adapter for the js-data ORM.
  • Maintainer: JS Data Organization
Extension Libraries
Technology Integrations
  • Hapi RethinkDB CRUD - CRUD handlers for Hapi interaction with Rethinkdb.
  • Maintainer: Thomas Eng
  • Sails Hook Thinky - A hook to enable the Thinky ORM for RethinkDB in Sails.
  • Maintainer: Matt Wielbut
  • KOA RethinkDB - Koa middleware that gets you a RethinkDB client.
  • Maintainer: Hao-kang Den
  • RabbitMQ - Integrating RethinkDB with RabbitMQ
  • Maintainer: RethinkDB Team

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Python Libraries

  • RethinkDB Python - Officially Supported JavaScript Driver.
  • Maintainer: RethinkDB Team
  • Remodel - Very simple yet powerful and extensible Object Document Mapper for RethinkDB, written in Python.
  • Maintainer: Andrei Horak
  • Rethink - Python RethinkDB Object Mapper Interface Inspired by Appengine NDB.
  • Maintainer: Kevin Amerson
Technology Integrations
  • flask-rethinkdb - Adds RethinkDB support to Flask.
  • Maintainer: Andrei Horak
  • RabbitMQ - Integrating RethinkDB with RabbitMQ
  • Maintainer: RethinkDB Team

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Ruby Libraries

  • RethinkDB Ruby - Officially Supported Ruby Driver.
  • Maintainer: RethinkDB Team
  • NoBrainer - Ruby ORM for RethinkDB.
  • Maintainer: Nicolas Viennot
Technology Integrations
  • Epiphy - Lightweight RethinkDB ORM.
  • Maintainer: Vinh Quốc Nguyễn
  • lotus-rethinkdb - RethinkDB adapter for Lotus::Model.
  • Maintainer: Angelo Ashmore
  • RabbitMQ - Integrating RethinkDB with RabbitMQ
  • Maintainer: RethinkDB Team

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Java Libraries

  • RethinkDB Java - Officially Supported Java Driver.
  • Maintainer: RethinkDB Team
  • Rethinker - A simplistic serialisation library for use alongside the official RethinkDb Java driver.
  • Maintainer: Dave Hrycyszyn
  • Rethinkdb4j - Asynchronous Netty-based RethinkDB driver for Java.
  • Maintainer: Anton Ustyuzhanin
  • RethinkDB Java ORM - A custom POJO converter for RethinkDB Java driver.
  • Maintainer: Peter Knego
Technology Integrations
  • RabbitMQ - Integrating RethinkDB with RabbitMQ
  • Maintainer: RethinkDB Team

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Additional Languages

Community Supported Drivers

  • C# - A C#/.NET RethinkDB driver striving for 100% ReQL API coverage.
  • C++ - RethinkDB driver for C++.
  • Clojure - A RethinkDB client for Clojure.
  • Dart - A Dart driver for RethinkDB v2.0.3.
  • Elixir - Multiplexed RethinkDB client in pure Elixir.
  • Go - Go language driver for RethinkDB.
  • Haskell - RethinkDB client library for Haskell.
  • Lisp - RethinkDB driver for Common Lisp.
  • Lua - Rethinkdb driver in Lua.
  • Objective-C - A RethinkDB client written in Objective-C.
  • Perl - A Pure Perl RethinkDB Driver.
  • PHP - A PHP client driver for the RethinkDB query language (ReQL).
  • Scala - Scala Driver for RethinkDB.

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Research And Training



RethinkDB Examples

Community Examples

  • RethinkDB Chat - A simple chat applications built with RethinkDB + Sockets.
  • RethinkDB Reactjs - rethinkdb + react.js + ActionController::Live (Rails) + Server Side Events.
  • Realtime Chat RethinkDB - A realtime chatroom built with RethinkDB
  • Boot RethinkDB - Chat example with spring boot and RethinkDB.
  • Go RethinkDB ToDo - Go RethinkDB Todo List Example Application.
  • Meguca - High performance real-time imageboard in Go, TypeScript and RethinkDB.
  • VueJS RethinkDB - Vuejs + Express + RethinkDB example.
  • 3ree - An example universal JS application written with the 3REE stack, React + Redux + RethinkDB + Express.
  • Meteor GraphQL - A Meteor and RethinkDB Example Using GraphQL.

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Administrative Tools

  • Chateau - Another (awesome) data explorer for RethinkDB.
  • RethinkDB CLI - CLI and REPL for Rethinkdb.
  • RethinkDB Nightly - A node module that will execute a nightly backup and push it to S3.


  • Vagrant - Install RethinkDB using Vagrant.
  • Puppet - Puppet module for RethinkDB.
  • Chef - Chef RethinkDB cookbook.
  • Wrecker - Wercker box for RethinkDB.
  • Docker - Single node Dockerfile.


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