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Awesome TypeDB

A curated list of awesome TypeDB resources.

TypeDB is a strongly-typed database with a rich and logical type system. TypeDB empowers you to tackle complex problems, and TypeQL is its query language


Client Drivers (official)

List of officially supported drivers to connect with Grakn Server.

Client Drivers (community)

IDE and editors support

Open source projects using TypeDB

  • TypeDB OSI - TypeDB OSI Ecosystem comprises all resources and technologies to be used with TypeDB.
  • TypeDB Loader - Formerly "GraMi", an open-source data migrator for loading data into TypeDB at scale.
  • Source++ - Open-source automated programming assistant with runtime-aware and context-aware functionality.
  • Rasa - Open-source machine learning framework to automate text-and voice-based conversations.
  • Grakn Mythos - Grakn-powered application for creating and sharing knowledge graphs.



Example projects

Blog posts



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