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Awesome Algorand

⚡ A curated list of awesome resources related to the Algorand Blockchain.

Algorand is an open-source, proof of stake blockchain and smart contract computing platform.




  • Pera Wallet - Secure, open source and community driven wallet for mobile devices. Maintained by the team behind official Algorand Wallet.
  • MyAlgo Connect - Web Wallet and JS library for signing transactions in the browser.
  • AlgoSigner - Browser plugin Web Wallet and JS library for signing transactions in the browser.
  • Method Wallet - Algorand Wallet you'll love.

Blockchain Explorers

Portfolio Trackers

  • Algogator.Finance - Track or search assets, rewards, yield farming, transactions, and NFTs on the Algorand blockchain anywhere and anytime. Built by @TeamAlgogator.
  • ASA Stats - One-stop portfolio tracker used to summarize Algorand asset valuations from up to five wallet addresses.


Crash Courses



Awesome client libraries, tools, and community utilities sorted by the language of implementation.





JavaScript & TypeScript






  • vertices-algorand-sdk - The Vertices SDK provides developers with easy device access to interact with Blockchains.


Awesome client libraries, tools, community plugins and integrations for IDEs.


  • vim-algorand-teal - Minimalistic syntax highlight for Algorand's TEAL Smart Contract language to vim.


  • algoDEA - Algorand IntelliJ Plugin.



Smart Contracts

  • reach - A domain-specific language for building cross chain decentralized applications (DApps).
  • aqua-compiler - An expressive high level language for the Algorand block chain that compiles to TEAL code.
  • algoml - A domain-specific language for specifying Algorand smart contracts, which compiles into TEAL scripts.
  • tealang - A high level language for Algorand ASC1 and TEAL.



  • graviton - Algorand's TEAL blackbox testing toolkit.
  • tealer - Static TEAL analyser with a set of vulnerability detectors for quick contracts reviews.
  • irulan - Web app for deploying + testing smart contracts (open source! + PRs welcome).

Nodes and Indexers

NFT Marketplaces

  • AB2 - decentralized marketplace for crypto art assets secured on the Algorand blockchain created by @ab2_gallery.
  • Rand Gallery - Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) explorer and markeplace developed by Chris Antaki.
  • AlgoGems - Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) markeplace and trading platform for NFT collectors.
  • AlgoWorldExplorer - NFT marketplace, explorer and gallery for AlgoWorld NFTs developed by @millionalgosfather.
  • AlgoMart - Opensource NFT marketplace whitelabel solution.
  • The GIF Economy - Decentralized NFT explorer, minting and trading.
  • ALGOxNFT - NFT gallery and marketplace.
  • Dartroom - Decentralized NFT explorer, minting and trading.
  • Alchemon - Monster-collecting NFT card game.
  • Otherverse - NFT collections marketplace.
  • Musa - Music, Art & Fashion NFT gallery and marketplace.
  • Flatter - NFT art and collectible marketplace.
  • Dahai - NFT art gallery and marketplace.
  • Aorist - NFT art gallery and marketplace.
  • ZestBloom - Digital Media NFT marketplace that offers ways to promote artists for their contributions.

DeFi Platforms

  • Yieldly - DeFI suite for cross-chain swapping, ASA staking and lottery games.
  • Tinyman - A decentralized trading protocol, AMM and platform.
  • Algofi - Decentralized lending market and stablecoin on the Algorand blockchain.
  • Pact - Decentralised Automated Market Maker (AMM) built on the Algorand protocol.
  • - Tokenized real estate investing platform.
  • - Decentralized capital markets protocol.
  • C3 - Cross-margin cross-collateralization clearing engine protocol.


  • Algomint - Centralized BTC and ETH bridge to Algorand.
  • QUIGON - Centralized cross-chain NFT bridge.
  • GlitterFinance - Centralized (soon to be decentralized upon TEAL 6) bridge for Solana, Polygon, Terra and Cudos to Algorand.
  • ptokens - pNetwork Officially Launched Cross-Chain Bridges for Algorand.


  • Algoracle - Decentralized oracle networks that connect the Algorand blockchain with the real world.

Name Services

  • NFDomains - Algorand name service and marketplace for Non-Fungible Domains (NFDs) — unique, readable aliases for wallet addresses.
  • Algorand Name Service - ANS is a decentralized naming service. An Algorand smart contract stores names and governs the naming policy.


The following contains sections related to open source projects, utilities, and news resources.


  • - Dapp that can be used to mint ARC3 compliant NFTs.
  • Auction Demo - On-chain NFT auction using smart contracts.
  • Algorand Session Wallet - Session wallet to allow persisted wallet connections across multiple wallets.
  • AlgoWorld-Contracts - Collection of all smart contracts used by AlgoWorld, written in PyTeal.
  • AlgoWorld-Swapper - Free and trustless ASA swapper, powered by Algorand Smart Signatures.
  • WalletConnect Example DApp - Algorand WalletConnect demo.
  • paytx - Examples of common pay transaction scenarios using the Algorand Python SDK.
  • TinyBar App - A tiny macOS menu bar app for tracking ASA prices from TinyMan.
  • Algodesk - Create, configure and manage your Assets on Algorand Blockchain.
  • algonim - First Algorand mini-puzzle-game. Written in Python+PyTEAL by @cusma.
  • algorealm - Claim the Crown and the Sceptre of Algorand Realm! Written in Python+PyTEAL by @cusma.
  • minter - Bulk mint Algorand NFTs following the ARC-69 community standard. Written in Node.js by @fish.exe.
  • algovanity - Algorand Vanity Address Generator from Ripe.
  • galvanity - Galvanity is Algorand vanity address generator written in Go.
  • Algocurator - The Biggest Unofficial One-Stop Hub for Algorand.
  • genpyteal - Generate PyTeal from (mostly) normal Python.
  • AgorHash - Public, permissionless, decentralized and uncensorable free speech protocol.
  • QRCode Generator
  • algofractals - Mint randomly generated mandelbrot fractals with embedded ARC69 tags.
  • algorewards - Free and unofficial Algorand governance reward calculator. Hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • - Algorand Developer: The unofficial developer resource.
  • daotools - Manage all your DAO voting sessions in one Dapp.
  • FORUM - A proof-of-stake social network on the Algorand blockchain.
  • Pipeline-UI - A React.js based component library for rapid deployment of Algorand Dapps.
  • AlgoCloud - Algorand ecosystem dashboard. Connect DeFi apps, display NFTs, account analytics, and more.
  • STOI - Song ownership gone decentralized via microDAOs.


Standards and specs defined in finalized ARCs.



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