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Awesome EOSIO

A curated list of awesome EOSIO resources for users and developers.

EOSIO is the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications and open source smart contract platform. EOSIO software enables businesses to rapidly build and deploy high-performance and high-security blockchain-based applications.

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Official resources.


EdenOS resources.


Mandel resources.


EOSIO learning resources.



Interactive learning, labs

Courses, workshops, webinars, videos and others


Various software and tools.

Wallets and Toolkits



Account services

Block explorers, Voting portals

  • EOS Network Monitor - EOSIO Network Monitor by "CryptoLions". Useful for developers. Scatter friendly.

  • eosflare - Popular block explorer includes resource statistics, latest profile actions and statistics about "Top Name Bids" and "Top Voters".

  • EOS Tracker - Open Source block explorer includes producers information and account information.

  • Bloks - Fast block explorer, can be used for voting. Includes information about block producers and tokens.

  • EOSX - Block explorer. Various side chains are supported.

  • EOS Vote Proxy Research Portal - Vote Proxy explorer.

  • EOS GO

  • - Blockchain data about accounts and tokens for several EOSIO chains.


Block Producers

Block Producers related software and resources.


All about development on EOSIO platform.


  • EOS Studio - Graphic IDE for EOSIO Development.
  • EOSIO Web IDE - The Web IDE provides developers with a personal single-node EOSIO blockchain for development and testing purposes, running in the cloud – and accessible from your web browser.
  • Helm charts for EOSIO - EOSIO Nodeos Helm Charts.


  • The EOSIO Testnet -'s official EOSIO Testnet. Test on fully-featured EOSIO stable releases.
  • Jungle Testnet - The Jungle TestNet was initiated by and has served as sandbox for many development teams and EOS Block Producers since the birth of EOSIO.
  • CryptoKylin Testnet - CryptoKylin Testnet is a developer-friendly testnet maintained by a group of EOS Mainnet Block Producers.

Libraries and Frameworks


  • EOSIO/eos - Official EOSIO GitHub repository.
  • EOSIO/eos-vm - A Low-Latency, High Performance and Extensible WebAssembly Backend Library.

API libraries

Authentication and Wallet Signing libraries


Intro blog by @cc32d9


  • EOSIO/eosio.contracts - Official C++ system contract test suite (notoriously difficult to use).
  • tokenika/eosfactory - Python-based EOSIO smart-contract development & unit testing framework.
  • infeos - JavaScript based framework for development, building, deploying and unit testing EOSIO dApps.
  • EOSLIME - Truffle like framework for development, deployment and testing on EOS blockchains.
  • Hydra - JavaScript framework for testing EOSIO smart contracts.
  • haderech/vert - JavaScript EOS-VM emulation RunTime for WASM-based blockchain contracts. Run and test smart contracts.


Developer Tools

Code examples

Block Producer tools

Other in Developers



  • Daniel Larimer - Blog of Daniel Larimer, founder of EOSIO.
  • cc32d9 - cc32d9 blog, EOSIO developer related publications.
  • cmichel - Christoph Michel blog, EOSIO developer related publications.
  • Blockgenic - Blockgenic blog, firm focused on Enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. Learning resources.
  • Dallas Rushing - Blog of Dallas Rushing, EOSIO user related content.
  • Iang - Blog of Iang, EOSIO user and developer related content.
  • EOS Canada - EOS Canada blog, user related content and videos.
  • Cypherglass - Cypherglass blog, user related content and videos. News.
  • EOS New York - EOS New York blog, user and developer related content.
  • Jack Tanner - Jack Tanner blog, EOSIO developer, education and related content.
  • David Williamson - David Williamson blog, EOSIO node management articles.

YouTube Channels


EOSIO Ecosystem


DApp resources.

DApp directories

Leasing platforms


Other in DApps

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