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Awesome Substrate

An awesome list is a list of awesome things curated by the Substrate community.

Substrate is a framework for building upgradable, modular and efficient blockchains. Substrate is an open-source library of Rust code that is maintained by Parity Technologies. Source code available on GitHub.







  • DotLeap - Polkadot and Substrate Community blog and newsletter.
  • Official - Published by Parity.



  • Base - Minimal FRAME-based node, derived from upstream.
  • Frontier - Fronter enabled EVM and Ethereum RPC compatible Substrate node, ready for hacking.
  • Front-End - Polkadot-JS API and React app to build front-ends for Substrate-based chains.
  • Parachain - Cumulus enabled Substrate node, derived from upstream.
  • substrate-stencil - A template for a Substrate node that includes staking and governance capabilities.

FRAME Pallets

Framework Extensions

  • Bridges - A collection of tools for cross-chain communication.
  • Cumulus - A set of tools for writing Substrate-based Polkadot parachains.
  • FRAME - A system for building Substrate runtimes.
  • Frontier - End-to-end Ethereum emulation for Substrate chains.
  • ink! - Rust smart contract language for Substrate chains.
  • IntegriTEE - Trusted off-chain execution framework that uses Intel SGX trusted execution environments.
  • Polkadot-JS - Rich JavaScript API framework for front-end development.

Client Libraries



offline-election, which is a tool that is used to predict nominated proof-of-stake elections.

  • offchain::ipfs - Substrate infused with IPFS.
  • polkadot-js-bundle - A standalone JS bundle that contains Polkadot{JS} libraries.
  • polkadot-launch - Simple CLI tool to launch a local Polkadot test network.
  • polkadot-runtime-prom-exporter - A Prometheus exporter for Polkadot runtime metrics (modifiable for Substrate use).
  • polkadot-scripts - A collection of scripts Parity uses to diagnose Polkadot/Kusama.
  • polkadot-starship - Another tool to launch a local Polkadot test network, with emphasis on the ability to run big testnets.
  • srtool-actions - GitHub actions to easily use the srtool Docker image to build your own runtime.
  • srtool-cli - CLI frontend for the srtool Docker image.
  • srtool - Docker image to deterministically build a runtime.
  • subsee - CLI to inspect metadata of a Substrate node as JSON.
  • substrate-balance-calculator - Breakdown the balances of your Substrate account.
  • substrate-balance-graph - Create a graph of the token balance over time of a Substrate address.
  • substrate-graph-benchmarks - Graph the benchmark output of FRAME pallets.
  • substrate-js-utils - A set of useful JavaScript utilities for Substrate that uses the Polkadot{JS} API; Also deployed as a website.
  • substrate-society - A basic front-end for the FRAME Society pallet.
  • substrate-toml-lint - A toml parser and checker to avoid common errors in Substrate projects.
  • subwasm - CLI to inspect a runtime WASM blob offline. It shows information, metadata and can compare runtimes. It can also help you fetch a runtime directly from a node.
  • sup - Command line tool for generating or upgrading a Substrate node.
  • - Scalable, decentralized database, file storage, and computation services for Substrate chains and more.
  • Archive - Indexing engine for Substrate chains.
  • Dev Hub Utils - Unofficial utilities for working with official Substrate Developer Hub resources.
  • Europa - A sandbox for the Substrate runtime execution environment.
  • Fork Off Substrate - Script to help bootstrap a new chain with the state of a running chain.
  • fudge - Core lib for accessing and (arbitrarily) manipulating substrate databases, including the building and importing of local blocks.
  • Gantree Library - A suite of technologies for managing Substrate-powered parachain networks via rapid spin-up & tear-down.
  • Halva - A toolchain for improving the experience of developing on Substrate.
  • Hydra - A GraphQL framework for Substrate nodes.
  • Jupiter - Testnet for smart contracts written for the FRAME Contracts pallet and ink!.
  • Megaclite - Zero-knowledge tools for the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Parity Signer - Upcycle an unused mobile phone into an air-gapped hardware wallet.
  • Polkadot PANIC - Monitoring and alerting solution for Polkadot nodes by Simply VC, compatible with many Substrate chains.
  • Polkadot Tool Index - List of tools available for your development with Polkadot and any Substrate chain including Block Explorers, Wallets, Network Monitoring & Reporting, Clients, Benchmarking, Fuzzing, Forking, SCALE Codec, CLI Tools and much more.
  • Polkadot-JS Apps UI - Semi-official block explorer & front-end for Substrate-based chains.
  • Polkadot-JS Extension - Browser extension for interacting with Substrate-based chains.
  • Polkascan - Multi-chain block explorer maintained by Polkascan Foundation.
  • Proxy Hot Wallet Demo - A demonstration of a secure, convenient, and flexible hot wallet architecture built on Substrate primitives.
  • Redspot - A Truffle-like toolkit for smart contracts for the FRAME Contracts pallet and ink!.
  • Sidecar - REST service that runs alongside Substrate nodes.
  • SS58 Transform - Display key's addressees with all SS58 prefixes.
  • Staking Rewards Collector - A script to parse and output staking rewards for a given Kusama or Polkadot address and cross-reference them with daily price data.
  • Subkey - Command line utility for working with cryptographic keys.
  • SubQuery - A GraphQL indexer and query service that allows users to easily create indexed data sources and host them online for free.
  • Subscan - Multi-network explorer for Substrate-based chains.
  • Subsquid - An indexing framework (SDK + infrastructure) to quickly and easily turn Substrate and EVM on-chain data into APIs and host them.
  • Substate - 100% no-std/wasm compatible Substrate storage key generator library for Rust.
  • Substrate debug-kit - A collection of tools and libraries for debugging Substrate-based chains.
  • Substrate Docker Builders - A set of Dockerfiles and GitHub Actions to auto-build and push a Docker image for Substrate-based chains.
  • Substrate Faucet Bot - Python-based faucet for development purposes.
  • Substrate Graph - GraphQL indexer for Substrate-based chains.
  • TxWrapper - Helpful library for offline transaction creation.
  • VSCode Substrate - Plugin for Visual Studio Code.

Products and Services

  • OnFinality - Free and paid services to shared Substrate based nodes.

Alternative Implementations


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