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Awesome Waves

Waves is an open source blockchain platform and development toolset for Web 3.0 applications and decentralized solutions.

This list is a collection of useful resources to create decentralized applications on Waves blockchain.







  • Waves.Exchange Wallet - Web & desktop client by Waves.Exchange enables you to join the ecosystem and enjoy the full range of digital asset management features.
  • Waves Keeper - Official browser extension allows to manage private keys and interact securely and seamlessly with Waves-enabled web services and dApps.
  • iOS wallet - Wallet for iPhone by Waves.Exchange.
  • Android wallet - Wallet for Android devices by Waves.Exchange.
  • WavesFX - A community-driven native desktop wallet for Windows, macOS and Linux, which offers users multi-network and multi-address functionality.



  • WavesLabs - An initiative to support talented developers and promising startups focused on building the decentralised technologies that will form the backbone to Web 3.0.
  • Node - Waves Node repository on GitHub.
  • GRPC Server - Public GRPC interface for Mainnet.
  • Go Node - Go libraries and tools for Waves blockchain, alternative implementation of Node (work in progress).
  • Waves Data Service - Official data service. Simple and convenient way to get data from Waves blockchain.
  • Waves Oracles - Catalog of Oracles.
  • Token Rating - Provides a means to rate and aggregate the opinions of the entire Waves community about tokens (projects) issued on the Waves platform.
  • WavesCap - CoinMarketCap for Waves assets.
  • ItemMarket - Decentralised platform where everyone can tokenize, sell and buy somebody's in-game items in the form of tokens. (read more)



Testnet is stable network and has fully copied configurations and nodes version from mainnet, but allows to earn free Waves tokens to test something what you need.

  • Explorer - Official testnet explorer. It has a faucet for getting a few free Waves tokens.
  • Node API - API of testnet nodes.
  • Data Service - Official data service for testnet.


Stagenet is unstable network to test release candidates of the official Waves products before shipping these to the Mainnet and Testnet. But you can also to earn free Waves tokens to test something what you need. For example, a compatibility of your service or DApp with an upcoming releases.

  • Explorer - Official explorer. It has a faucet for getting a few free Waves tokens.
  • Node API - Swagger REST API of Waves Node.
  • IDE - Online IDE to create Ride smart contracts on Stagenet.

Docker images

  • WavesNode - Docker Image for Waves Platform node. Supports any official or custom networks.
  • K8s by loxal - The container was built in order to run as a fire-and-forget StatefulSet in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • waves-private-node - Private local Waves Node. The easiest way to run your own isolated node to develop smart contracts and any experiments.
  • explorer - Waves Explorer for your node.

Frameworks and tools

The Ride programming language

  • Waves IDE - Online IDE to create smart contracts on Ride.
  • ride-examples - Examples of scripts for accounts and assets using Ride.
  • waves-ride - Visual Studio Code extension to support Ride.
  • vim-ride - Vim plugin for Ride syntax highlighting.
  • surfboard - CLI to work with the Ride language and testing.
  • Paddle - Java library to write tests for your dApps and other smart contracts.

Client libraries



  • WavesCS - C# library to interact with the Waves blockchain.


  • WavesSDK-android - Kotlin SDK for Mobile Apps on Android.
  • WavesJ - Java library to interact with the Waves blockchain and DEX.
  • waves-crypto-java - Library to work with cryptographic primitives used in the Waves blockchain.



  • go-lib-crypto - GoLang implementation of the unified crypto primitives for Waves.


  • WavesKit - All-in-one Waves Platform development kit for the PHP language.



  • WavesRS - A Rust interface for the Waves blockchain.
  • waves-lib-rust - Library to work with Waves blockchain.


Blockchain utils

  • chaincmp - Utility to compare blockchains on a different nodes.
  • Node Tools extension - Waves Node extension to allow miner to automate payouts for its lessors and to receive notifications about mining progress.
  • Nodes on map - All nodes of the Waves Mainnet on the world map.

Other tools

Built on Waves


  • Waves on DappRadar - Waves dApps published on the DappRadar.
  • dAppOcean - Ecosystem of decentralized applications based on the Waves blockchain.


  • NyanCat: The Crypto Race - Build your own Nyan Cat collection, race against other players and get your reward in weekly Leaderboards with the prize fund up to $2000!
  • Shadow Era - Shadow Era is a free to play online collectible trading card game for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.
  • Coin Flip - Choose the coin side, make a bet and see if you are lucky.
  • Dice Roller - Choose the dice sides, make a bet and see if you are lucky.
  • Ride On Waves - You can choose how many WAVES you want to bet. This is the game with a floating bet from 0.5 and up to 6 WAVES.


  • Neutrino - An algorithmic price-stable cryptocurrency protocol collateralized by WAVES token.
  • Billy - A motivation tool for teams. Billy offers a product to create an atmosphere of cooperation, focus the company on the core values, and incentivize sharing by creating an in-team economy.
  • Ventuary-DAO - Sandbox dedicated to filtering dApp ideas and stimulating the Waves community to take part in Web 3.0 adoption.
  • Tokenomica - Security Tokens Issuance Platform. Create and trade digital assets with ease and confidence.
  • LIGA - A platform with tokenized sport events, enabling you to deal with real-time rates and to trade your personal predictions with others.
  • WaveFlow - Allows you to create new or use existing exchangers that provide a constant supply and demand for certain traded pairs. Algorithmic pricing is used to ensure consistency of supply and demand - the more popular the token is, the higher its price is set. Each exchanger is a dApp written in Ride (example of trading bot).
  • Lombardini - Borrow WBTC for WAVES instantly.
  • Blockchain Cars - Transport as a Service.
  • WavesAffi - Decentralized affiliate program on Waves blockchain.
  • One Million Pixel Waves - Smart Contract powered website entirely running on the Waves blockchain where anyone can own a piece of the blockchain and immortalize it with an image and a link.
  • Signature Chain - Signature Chain's primary goal is to develop a platform allowing the certification of files and documents.
  • Auctionlance Platform - Freelancer marketplace where clients hire and pay freelancers with Waves, Waves tokens and other cryptocurrencies.




  • Telegram - Waves community of passionate developers and web 3.0 enthusiasts across Africa.


  • Telegram - Telegram-chat voor ontwikkelaars dApps.



  • Telegram - Telegram κοινότητα για προγραμματιστές dApps.


  • Telegram - सॉफ्टवेयर डेवलपर्स के लिए टेलीग्राम चैट.


  • Telegram - DApps開発者のためのTelegramチャット.


  • Telegram - Telegram Waves Developers Philippines.



  • Telegram - Telegram чат для разработчиков dApps.


  • Telegram - Telegram chat para desarrolladores de dApps.


  • Telegram - Yazılım geliştiriciler için Telegram sohbet.


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