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Awesome Neovim

Collections of awesome Neovim plugins. Mostly targeting Neovim specific features.

Neovim is a Vim-based text editor engineered for extensibility and usability, to encourage new applications and contributions.



Have a problem a plugin can solve? Add it to the nvim-lua wishlist.


Neovim supports a wide variety of UI's.

  • CosmicNvim/cosmic-ui - Cosmic-UI is a simple wrapper around specific vim functionality. Built in order to provide a quick and easy way to create a Cosmic UI experience with Neovim!
  • yatli/fvim - Cross platform Neovim front-end UI, built with F# + Avalonia.
  • smolck/uivonim - Goal: Feature-rich cross-platform GUI that leverages the latest Neovim features.
  • qvacua/vimr - Neovim GUI for macOS in Swift.
  • vhakulinen/gnvim - GUI for Neovim, without any web bloat.
  • Kethku/neovide - No Nonsense Neovim Client in Rust.
  • beeender/glrnvim - A terminal wrapper that launches Neovim inside of alacritty.
  • akiyosi/goneovim - Neovim GUI written in Golang, using a Golang qt backend.
  • DinVim - DinVim for macOS is a safe and secure working macOS sandbox environment that provide true macOS experience for Vim users.
  • RMichelsen/Nvy - A Neovim client in C++.
  • asvetliakov/vscode-neovim - Neovim integration for Visual Studio Code.
  • equalsraf/neovim-qt - Neovim client library and GUI, in Qt5.
  • lunixbochs/actualvim - Sublime Text 3 input mode using Neovim.
  • vv-vim/vv - Neovim client for macOS. A pure, fast, minimalistic Vim experience with good macOS integration. Optimized for speed and nice font rendering.
  • rohit-px2/nvui - A modern frontend for Neovim.
  • Lyude/neovim-gtk - A GTK3+ client written in Rust, resembling a lot the original vim-gtk3 with ligatures support.


Plugin Manager

  • wbthomason/packer.nvim - A use-package inspired plugin manager for Neovim. Uses native packages, supports Luarocks dependencies, written in Lua, allows for expressive config.
  • savq/paq-nvim - Neovim package manager written in Lua.
  • NTBBloodbath/cheovim - Neovim configuration switcher written in Lua. Inspired by chemacs.


(requires Neovim 0.5)

LSP Installer


Markdown / LaTeX


Terminal integration




Fuzzy Finder

  • nvim-telescope/telescope.nvim - Telescope.nvim is a highly extendable fuzzy finder over lists. Built on the latest awesome features from Neovim core. Telescope is centered around modularity, allowing for easy customization.

  • vijaymarupudi/nvim-fzf - A Lua API for using fzf in Neovim (>= 0.5). Allows for full asynchronicity for UI speed and usability.

  • camspiers/snap - An extensible fuzzy finder. Similar to Telescope, and optimized for performance, especially when grepping in large codebases.

  • ibhagwan/fzf-lua - The Lua version of fzf.vim, high-performance and fully async, supports nvim-web-devicons, git indicators, LSP, quickfix/location lists and more. Also supports skim as its fzf binary.

  • jvgrootveld/telescope-zoxide - Telescope integration for zoxide, a smart directory picker that tracks your usage.

  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.fuzzy - Module of mini.nvim with functions to perform fuzzy matching of one string to others along with fast Telescope sorter.

Note Taking


Colorscheme Creation

  • tjdevries/colorbuddy.nvim - A colorscheme helper for Neovim. Written in Lua! Quick & Easy Color Schemes 😄.

  • norcalli/nvim-base16.lua - Programmatic Lua library for setting base16 themes in Neovim.

  • rktjmp/lush.nvim - Define Neovim themes as a DSL in Lua, with real-time feedback.

  • Iron-E/nvim-highlite - A colorscheme template that is "lite" on logic for the developer.

  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.base16 - Module of mini.nvim with fast implementation of base16 theme for manually supplied palette.

  • ThemerCorp/themer.lua - A simple highlighter plugin for neovim. It has a huge collection of colorschemes. It also has ability to create colorschemes for vim/neovim and other supported apps (such as kitty and alacritty).


Tree-sitter Supported Colorscheme

Tree-sitter is a new system introduced in Neovim 0.5 that incrementally parses your code into a tree that works, even with errors in your syntax. These colorschemes have specifically set colors for Tree-sitter highlight groups. Vim colorschemes will work with the new groups out of the box.

Lua Colorscheme

These colorschemes may not specialize in Tree-sitter directly but are written in Lua.





Neovim Lua Development




Winbar and Statusline component

  • SmiteshP/nvim-gps - A simple statusline component that shows your current code context using Treesitter.
  • SmiteshP/nvim-navic - A simple statusline/winbar component that shows your current code context using LSP.





File explorer

Dependency management


Programming languages support


Collaborative Editing

  • jbyuki/instant.nvim - A collaborative editing plugin for Neovim written in Lua with no dependencies.



  • tjdevries/train.nvim - Train yourself with vim motions and make your own train tracks.

  • phaazon/hop.nvim - Hop is an EasyMotion-like plugin allowing you to jump anywhere in a document with as few keystrokes as possible.

  • ggandor/lightspeed.nvim - A Sneak-like plugin offering unparalleled navigation speed via ahead-of-time displayed labels, that eliminate the pause between entering the search pattern and selecting the target.

  • ggandor/leap.nvim - A refined successor of Lightspeed, aiming to establish a widely accepted standard interface extension for moving around in Vim-like editors.

  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.jump - Module of mini.nvim for smarter jumping to a single character.

  • echasnovski/mini.nvim#mini.jump2d - Module of mini.nvim for smarter jumping within visible lines via iterative label filtering. Supports custom jump targets (spots), labels, hooks, allowed windows and lines, and more.

  • mfussenegger/nvim-ts-hint-textobject - Region selection with hints on the AST nodes of a document powered by treesitter.

  • rlane/pounce.nvim - An EasyMotion-like plugin for quick cursor movement using fuzzy search.

  • ziontee113/syntax-tree-surfer - Navigate and swap Treesitter's AST Nodes. Step into, step out, step over, step back.

  • drybalka/tree-climber.nvim - Easy navigation around the Treesitter's tree that works in multi-language files and in normal mode.

Code Runner






Browser integration

Editing support


Web development


Discord Rich Presence

Command Line



Competitive Programming

Preconfigured Configuration

  • Abstract-IDE/Abstract - Abstract, The NeoVim configuration to achieve the power of Modern IDE.
  • SpaceVim/SpaceVim - A community-driven modular vim/neovim distribution, like spacemacs but for vim/neovim.
  • CosmicNvim/CosmicNvim - CosmicNvim is a lightweight and opinionated Neovim config for web development, specifically designed to provide a 💫 COSMIC programming experience!
  • artart222/CodeArt - A fast general-purpose IDE written entirely in Lua with an installer for Linux/Windows/macOS and built in :CodeArtUpdate command for updating it.
  • NTBBloodbath/doom-nvim - Port of the doom-emacs framework, its goal is to add useful functions to Neovim to start working in a stable and efficient development environment without spending a lot of time configuring everything.
  • crivotz/nv-ide - Neovim custom configuration, oriented for full stack developers (rails, ruby, php, html, css, SCSS, JavaScript).
  • LunarVim/LunarVim - This project aims to help one transition away from VSCode, and into a superior text editing experience.
  • hackorum/VapourNvim - A NeoVim config for THE ULTIMATE vim IDE-like experience.
  • vi-tality/neovitality - A full-featured NeoVim distribution, packaged with Nix Flake for easy installation and reproducibility.
  • siduck76/NvChad - An attempt to make Neovim cli as functional as an IDE while being very beautiful and less bloated.
  • nvoid-lua/nvoid - Simple Neovim config written in Lua with all the modern features available in any IDE
  • mjlbach/defaults.nvim - An extremely small, single file, and commented configuration template demonstrating LSP integration, autocompletion, snippets, treesitter, and more.
  • cstsunfu/.sea.nvim - A modular NeoVim configuration with beautiful UI and some useful features(Pomodoro Clock, Window Number).
  • shaeinst/roshnivim - Roshnivim, can be called neovim's distro, is a predefined configs so that you don't need 1000hr to setup neovim as an IDE.
  • AstroNvim/AstroNvim - AstroNvim is an aesthetic and feature-rich Neovim config that is extensible and easy to use with a great set of plugins.
  • shaunsingh/nyoom.nvim - Blazing fast, configurable, minimal and lispy neovim config written in Fennel. Base config for users to extend and add upon, leading to a more unique editing experience.
  • CanKolay3499/CNvim - A lightweight Neovim config for web development.
  • jrychn/moduleVim - A very easy to use for backend and frontend, install lsp automatically.
  • askfiy/nvim - An excellent Neovim configuration, which is as powerful as Vscode, is lightning fast ⚡️.
  • imbacraft/dusk.nvim - Dusk is a lightweight, aesthetically minimal Neovim config, written in Lua, able to provide for web and Java development.


  • folke/which-key.nvim - Neovim plugin that shows a popup with possible keybindings of the command you started typing.
  • mrjones2014/legendary.nvim - Define your keymaps, commands, and autocommands as simple Lua tables, and create a legend for them at the same time, integrates with which-key.nvim.
  • Iron-E/nvim-cartographer - a more convenient :mapping syntax for Lua environments.
  • b0o/mapx.nvim - A simpler key mapping API that mimics Neovim's :map-family of commands. Integrates with which-key.nvim.
  • LionC/nest.nvim - Lua utility to map keys concisely using cascading trees. Also allows binding Lua functions to keys.
  • LinArcX/telescope-command-palette.nvim - Lua plugin to create key-bindings and watch them with telescope.
  • slugbyte/unruly-worker - A ridiculously fun alternative keymap for the workman keyboard layout with nvim features like LSP support, built and configured with lua.
  • FeiyouG/command_center.nvim - Create and manage keybindings and commands in a more organized manner and search them quickly through Telescope.
  • linty-org/key-menu.nvim - Key mapping hints in a floating window.


Remote Development

Split and Window


These tools are used externally to Neovim to enhance the experience.

Version Manager



  • Vimawesome - Showcases various plugins for vim and has a neovim tag for other plugins targeting Neovim.
  • awesome-vim - Short list of vim plugins and helpful guides.


  • Neovimcraft - A site dedicated to searching for Neovim specific plugins and guides for building plugins in Lua.

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