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Awesome Browserify

🔮 A curated list of awesome Browserify resources, libraries, and tools.

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Browserify lets you require('modules') in the browser by bundling up all of your dependencies.

You can use a node-style require() to organize your browser code and load modules installed by npm. Browserify will recursively analyze all the require() calls in your app in order to build a bundle you can serve up to the browser in a single tag.

Official Resources

Community Resources






Development Servers

  • budo - Dev server for rapid prototyping.
  • beefy - Local development server that aims to make using browserify fast and fun.
  • wzrd - Super minimal browserify development server.



  • watchify - Watch mode for browserify builds.
  • persistify - Wrapper around browserify to make incremental builds.

CSS bundlers

  • sheetify - Modular CSS bundler for browserify.
  • parcelify - Add css to your npm modules consumed with browserify.
  • css-modulesify - Browserify plugin to load CSS Modules.


  • babelify - Browserify transform for babel.
  • aliasify - Remap require calls at build time.
  • brfs - fs.readFileSync() and fs.readFile() static asset browserify transform.

Node in the Browser

  • crypto-browserify - Port of node's crypto module to the browser.
  • stream-browserify - The stream module from node core, for browsers!
  • buffer - The buffer module from node.js, for the browser.
  • requirebin - Write browser JavaScript programs using modules from NPM.

Production Tools

  • - Browserify CDN. Browserify-as-a-Service!
  • bankai - DIY asset server. Serves HTML, CSS and JS as streams.


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