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Awesome Building Blocks for Web Apps

Curated list of standalone features to be integrated into web applications: Get full features built by others instead of having to write everything yourself.

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UI Elements

  • Tailwind UI - UI components, by the creators of Tailwind CSS.
  • Webix - JavaScript UI library and framework for displaying data in different ways.
  • Highcharts - Interactive charts for web.
  • Webatoms - JavaScript bridge for Xamarin.Forms.
  • Creative Tim - Themes for React, Angular, Vue, Lavarel and HTML5.
  • Syncfusion - Data visualization components and PDF Viewer.
  • CoreUI - Vue admin template.
  • UIfort - UI design systems for all major frontend frameworks.
  • Semantic UI - Open source UI component library for React, Meteor, Ember and Angular.
  • Design Revision's Shards Pro - Design blocks for web or mobile apps.
  • Themesberg - Bootstrap templates, themes and UI kits.
  • Treact - React templates for landing pages, built on Tailwind CSS.
  • Creative Designs Guru - Themes for React, Nextjs and Eleventy, built with Tailwind CSS.

Exit Intent Popup

  • Wisepops - Contextual popups, banners and bars for mobile and desktop visitors.
  • Listagram - Interactive opt-in form for collecting email addresses.
  • Poptin - Popups and forms that can be integrated anywhere in the website.


  • Auth0 - Authentication management with native support for Angular, React and VueJS.
  • Firebase - PaaS from Google, including authentication management.
  • Okta - Authentication and Authorization solution with support for Angular, React and VueJS.
  • Onelogin - Authentication focussed on company internal applications.
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory - Authentication management in Azure, based on Microsoft accounts.
  • AWS Cognito - AWS authentication management. Frontend integration is part of AWS Amplify.


  • Calendly - Stand-alone booking solution.
  • Zoho Bookings - Online scheduler integrated into Zoho Suite.
  • Acuity Scheduling - Appointment scheduling with extensive API.
  • 10to8 - Booking tool with many features in the free tier.
  • SuperSaaS - Appointment scheduling with focus on group scheduling.
  • SimplyBook.Me - Booking tool with its own booking directory.
  • OnceHub - Scheduling via ScheduleOnce and meeting management via InviteOnce.
  • YouCanBookMe - Online scheduling for teams.
  • OnSched - Scheduling API for marketplaces & applications.
  • AppointmentPlus - Appointment scheduling with coupons.
  • Booxi - Booking and online directory components.
  • Cogsworth Scheduler - Online Scheduler for business with a powerful API.


  • OneSignal - Mobile and web notifications.
  • Notific - Notifications including a PHP SDK.
  • WonderPush - Notifications focused on speed.
  • VWO Engage - Notifications as part of a larger marketing suite.
  • Signalize - Free notifications with paid analytics add on.


Chat Bot



  • Sentry - Full-stack error monitoring with release management included.
  • Raygun Crash Reporting - Error monitoring as part of the Raygun suite.
  • Honeybadger - Error, uptime and check-in monitoring.
  • Rollbar - Error monitoring with the ability to replay HTTP requests that caused errors.

Content Management

  • Cookiefirst - Cookie consent manager.
  • usercentrics - Compliance manager that can be implemented as part of existing pages.
  • Sourcepoint - Compliance management as part of a suite including also ad blocker recovery.
  • PiwikPro - Compliance management as part of an analytics tool.
  • Consent Management Provider - German management tool for Cookie Consent.
  • UniConsent - Consent management platform for GDPR, CCPA, COPPA compliance.
  • TrustArc - Privacy management for the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and 900+ other global regulations.
  • Cookiebot - Cookie tracking manager.
  • iubenda - Consent management and terms and conditions generator.
  • Civic Cookie Control - Smaller Cookie and GDPR compliance product.
  • CCM19 - German cookie consent manager.
  • CookieInformation - Focus on compliance reporting via a dashboard.
  • CookiePro - Cookie management as part of a privacy management solution.
  • React Cookie Consent - A small and customizable cookie consent bar for React applications.
  • React Cookie Banner - React cookie banner which can be automatically dismissed with a scroll.


  • Mux - Stream hosted and live videos.
  • Spotify web playback SDK - Client-side JavaScript library which allows you to create a new player in Spotify Connect and play any audio track from Spotify in the browser via encrypted media extensions.





  • Vonage - Voice, messaging, video and data capabilities across unified communications, contact centers and communications APIs.

Social Media

  • AddThis - Social sharing buttons, available on AMPs.
  • ShareThis - Social sharing buttons.
  • AddToAny - Sharing buttons for many different target services.
  • Algolia - Search for your application.
  • Search UI - UI integration for ElastiSearch.

Feature flags

  • Optimizely's Rollouts - Feature flags combined with A/B testing.
  • LaunchDarkly - Feature management with multiple integrations in CI servers and ticketing systems.
  • Split - Another feature management with multiple integrations in CI servers and ticketing systems.
  • Rollout - Feature management focusing on segmented roll-out of features.


  • JustReview - Collect reviews from e-commerce, social media and review service providers and embed on a website.
  • ReviewsOnMyWebsite - Collect, monitor and display customer reviews.

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