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Awesome Preact

A curated list of amazingly awesome things regarding Preact ecosystem 🌟

Preact is a fast 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API. Components & Virtual DOM.




  • Preact CLI - Build a Preact Progressive Web App in seconds.
  • Vite - Fast native-ESM powered web dev build tool for Preact, Vue or React.
  • nwb - Quick Development with React, Inferno or Preact.
  • React App Rewire Preact - Use Preact with create-react-app without ejecting.
  • Preact CLI PostCSS - It removes the default postcss config on Preact CLI, so you can use postcss.config.js.
  • Create Preact App - Create Preact apps with no build configuration.
  • Storybook Preact - Storybook for Preact is a UI development environment for your Preact components.



  • Preact Router - URL router for Preact.
  • Preact Route Async - A (440b gzip) route component that enables async loading of page-components.
  • Wouter - A tiny (1KB gzip) router for Preact/React with React Router-like API.



  • Redux Zero - A lightweight state container based on Redux with a single store and no reducers.
  • Unistore - 350b / 650b state container with component actions for Preact & React.
  • FPreact - Provides an alternative api for creating preact components, heavily inspired by elm.
  • ProppyJS - A tiny library for functional props composition
  • ClearX - Fast & Effortless state management for React, Preact and Inferno with zero learning curve.
  • Preact-urql - Use urql with Preact core + hooks.
  • hooked-head - Hooks to manipulate the section of the DOM. This has a subpackage with core preact support (using preact/hooks).
  • Teaful - Tiny (800B), easy and powerful (P)React state management.
  • Nano Stores - A tiny (199 bytes) state manager with many atomic tree-shakable stores.

Testing Utils​


Example Apps​

  • React - A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Inferno - An extremely fast, React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces.
  • Rax - A universal React-compatible render engine.


Contribute some ;)


Your contributions and suggestions are welcome anytime. Build great stuffs with Preact, share with us ;) Make sure you follow the guidelines. Thank you!


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