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Awesome Static Website Services

A curated list of services for static websites.

Inspired by the awesome list thing.

Table of Contents


  • SoundCloud - Audio hosting with an embeddable player. Up to 3 hours of content is free.
  • Mixcloud - Audio hosting with unlimited uploads and an embeddable player.
  • Spotify - You can embed any song, album, or playlist with a Spotify Play Button.


Calendar and Scheduling

  • Google Calendar - Embeddable calendar that you can collaborate with other people.
  • Booking.js - Beautiful embeddable booking widget.
  • zenplanner - Paid - Online scheduling for fitness.


  • Flickr - Online photo hosting by Yahoo.
  • Cloudinary - Image hosting, manipulation and delivery.


  • Google Maps - Google maps are easily embeddable.
  • Mapbox - Really nice looking embeddable maps.
  • uMap - Create and embed personalized maps, based on the great OpenStreetMap dataset.


  • Prezi - Online presentations with really transitions that can zoom and rotate.
  • Reveal.js - HTML presentation framework.
  • - A place for creating, presenting and sharing slide decks.
  • SpeakerDeck - Upload your slides as a PDF, and get an online, shareable presentation.


  • Mux - Paid - An API to play videos directly to the client. Can also power live streams.
  • YouTube - Embeddable videos with unlimited uploads.
  • Vimeo - Paid - Embeddable videos with no ads.
  • Vevo - Embeddable music videos.
  • Wistia - Free plan has a limit of 25 videos.


  • Codepen - A playground of embeddable front-end code examples.
  • JS Bin - Embeddable front-end code examples.
  • JSFiddle - Embeddable front-end code examples.
  • highlight.js - Syntax highlighting for the web.

Functions as a Service

  • 1Backend - Deploy your backend in seconds. Free tier included. Open source.
  • AWS Lambda - AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume
  • Google Cloud Functions - Create single-purpose, stand-alone functions that respond to Cloud events without the need to manage a server or runtime environment
  • Webtask by Auth0 - Call code on the server with simple HTTP, easier to set up by far than Lambda or Google's
  • Azure Functions - by Microsoft - same premise as Lambda on the Azure cloud
  • IronWorkers - by - Run code in a multilanguage containerized environment with unlimited scale and simple pricing
  • IronFunctions - by - IronFunctions is an open source serverless computing platform for any cloud - private, public, or hybrid.
  • OpenWhisk by IBM - part of their BlueMix hosting platform, and open source, ties into their Watson AI ecosystem nicely
  • StackPath EdgeEngine - Write functions as a service in the language of your choice and deploy them to a global network of data centers. All the networking, including intelligent routing and load balancing, is managed by StackPath over a private backbone.
  • Vercel - Vercel lets people write functions as a service in their language of choice and deploy as part of a monorepo.
  • Azure Static Web Apps - Full-stack static app hosting including serverless Functions, authentication, CDN and more
  • Qoddi - Full stack app hosting with data storage included, similar to Heroku with a developer centric approach. Free to use up to 3 apps.
  • Autocode - Autocode turns functions into scalable web services in an instant, no configuration required; serverless hosting available with an in-browser IDE, an API library that’s easy to use, and seamlessly managed authentication.


  • FaunaDB - Serverless GraphQL database. Free tier with no time limit. Easily included in Netlify apps.



  • Staticman - Staticman is a Node.js application that receives user-generated content and uploads it as data files to a GitHub repository. In practice, this allows you to have dynamic content (e.g. blog post comments) as part of a fully static website, as long as your site automatically deploys on every push to GitHub, as seen on GitHub Pages, Netlify and others.
  • Disqus - Easily embeddable comments with nested replies, multiple login methods, and email notifications.
  • Facebook Comments - Embeddable comments for your site by Facebook.
  • IntenseDebate Comments - Embeddable comments with nested replies, multiple login methods, and email notifications.
  • LiveFyre - Real-time comments, SEO-optimized, stocked with social features, and beautiful on both desktop and mobile.
  • Redditjs Embed Widget - Embed Reddit comments on your site. If it hasn't been posted, it will show a link to encourage the user to submit.
  • - Embeddable comments, forum and private messaging. A lot of functionality, but really low footprint left on your website.
  • Gitment - Comment system based on GitHub Issues, which can be used in the frontend without any server-side implementation.
  • giscus - A comments widget built on GitHub Discussions.


Really Simple Forms

  • Formspree - Receive emails from a form on your static website.
  • elFormo - Simple form processing and response retrieval via email.
  • Flipmail - Simple form processing and response retrieval via email.
  • MailThis - Simple form submissions via email with optional attachments.
  • Simple Form - Simple forms with optional file attachments, email notifications, and online submission viewing.
  • Brisk Forms - Free form submission service emails you responses while keeping your email address private and is open source.
  • 99 Inbound - Form endpoint service with email/Slack notifications and third party app integrations (e.g. MailChimp)
  • Getform - Form backend platform for designers and developers, with email and integrations.
  • HeyForm - Free, easy-to-use drag & drop form maker capable of crafting powerful online forms. Includes 40+ field types, integrations, analytics, and more.
  • - Backend to handle form submissions easily and reliably, with email notifications, file uploads and GDPR-compliant data processing.

Normal Forms

  • Formcarry - Hassle-free HTML form endpoints for your form, powerful dashboard, reliable spam blocking, attachment uploads and Zapier integrations.
  • Formcake - The form backend built for developers: Zapier integrations, simple endpoint API, unlimited forms.
  • Google Forms - Saves results into Google Sheets and can email you when there is a submission.
  • FormKeep - Paid - View form submissions in a beautiful web interface. It has spam filtering and it integrates with webhooks such as Gmail, Trello, and Basecamp.
  • 123 Contact Form - Connects to other online services such at MailChimp, Salesforce, and Google Drive. It also integrates with payment Processers and includes security and analytics.
  • FormAssembly - Allows you to build any kind of form that can include complex branching logic and multiple pages.
  • FormSite - Form builder with payments and form management.
  • FormStack - Forms with A/B testing, partial submission, analytics, and integrations.
  • Sheetsu - POST and GET your data to Google Spreadsheet.
  • Typeform - Awesome forms that can be embedded.
  • Wufoo - Free or Paid - Forms that you can build with a form designer, with notifications, reports, and payments.
  • Zoho - Forms with file upload and captcha.
  • GitHub Issues - This is an interesting way for developers to get comments/questions. See for an example.
  • Utterences - A lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues.
  • FormBackend - Create form-backends and submit your HTML forms to our backend. View the entries online and connect to other services. Receive an email every time a new entry is submitted.
  • Pageclip - A flexible server / backend for HTML forms. View your data in the realtime web interface, or use the API to get CSV and JSON output.
  • Formester - Forms and email marketing (lead collection, email campaigns, and newsletters) with integrations.
  • StaticKit - Modern forms for static sites, with native support for React.
  • SheetDB - Turn a Google Spreadsheet into a JSON API.
  • Form2Channel - Post your HTML form to Form2Channel to store submissions in Google Sheets and receive them via email, Slack or Telegram. No signups, no costs, no limits.
  • reCAPTCHAme - reCAPTCHA and hCAPTCHA token verification service. Post your form to reCAPTCHAme to avoid getting spammed. Made for static websites, no server-side coding required.

Provided by the Host

  • Netlify - Netlify comes with built-in form handling.

Live Chat

  • jivochat - JivoSite is a professional live chat for websites that was specifically designed to increase your online sales.
  • LiveChat - Live chat on your website.
  • Olark - Live chat on your website. You can also see who's on your website and what they're doing.
  • SnapEngage - Live chat with integrations and custom styles.
  • - Lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website.
  • WebsiteAlive - Live chat for your website & social networks.
  • Zopim - Live chat with free trial.


  • MailChimp - Free email marketing. You can pay to add more features.
  • Constant Contact - Email marketing with campaigns, autoresponders, and analytics.
  • AWeber - Email marketing with campaigns, autoresponders, and analytics.
  • Campaign Monitor - Email marketing with campaigns, autoresponders, and analytics.
  • MailerLite - Free email marketing. You can pay for more subscribers.

Social Media

  • Pinterest - Pin It Button.
  • Twitter - Embedded tweets.
  • Facebook - Facebook embedded plugins.
  • ShareThis - Sharing buttons for multiple social networks.
  • Kontaktify - A contact widget that provides an easy way for visitors to get in touch.


  • Google Forms - You can use Google forms for surveys or for forms on your site.
  • SurveyMonkey - Easy to use and free surveys.
  • Typeform - Really beautiful forms.
  • Qualaroo - Embed surveys anywhere on your website that comes up from the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Insight Stash - Fast, Simple survey forms.


  • Ecwid - Embeddable shopping cart.
  • FoxyCart - Add a shopping cart with basic html code.
  • Snipcart - Include a few lines of code for a full online shop.
  • Gumroad - An all-in-one solution to sell your work.
  • Payhip - An embeddable way to sell digital downloads & memberships
  • Moltin - Add eCommerce functionality to anything.
  • Trolley - Add a popup cart to any website - designed for static & JAMstack sites.
  • Commerce Layer - Add enterprise ecommerce to your JAMstack.



  • lunr.js - Simple full-text search in your browser.
  • itemsjs - Full text, faceted, almost dependency free search engine in javascript
  • minisearch - Tiny and powerful JavaScript full-text search engine for browser and Node
  • flexsearch - Next-Generation full text search library for Browser and Node.js
  • fuse.js - Powerful, lightweight fuzzy-search library, with zero dependencies
  • static-search - A Go program to generate JSON index of HTML files, and a JavaScript component with optional UI to search this index
  • elasticlunr - Lightweight full-text search engine developed in JavaScript for browser search and offline search based on Lunr.js
  • tinysearch - Tiny, full-text search engine for static websites built with Rust and Wasm
  • js-search - Client-side searches of JavaScript and JSON objects, ES5 compatible and does not require jQuery or any other third-party libraries
  • search-index - A persistent, network resilient, full text search library for the browser and Node.js
  • fuzzysearch - Tiny and blazing-fast fuzzy search in JavaScript
  • fuzzy - Fuzzy search / filter for browser and node
  • fullproof - Javascript library that provides high-quality full-text search in the browser
  • Jets.js - Native CSS search engine

Third party integration:

  • Google Custom Search Engine - Search your site with a custom Google Search.
  • Algolia - Hosted Search API that delivers instant and relevant results from the first keystroke.
  • CloudSh - Powerful search for your website with a few lines of JavaScript.



  • Uthentic - Serverless, passwordless login for static sites in 2 lines of code.



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