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Awesome Haxe Game Development

A curated list of game development resources for Haxe 4, a high level strictly typed programming language which is used to produce cross-platform native code.

Feel free to update it.


Game engines

Those are Haxe 4 compatible game engines.

Armory (Kha)Web, Mobile, Desktop, ConsolesAn open-source 3D game engine with full Blender integration.
Away3DWeb, Mobile, DesktopAn open source, real-time 3D engine for OpenFL.
HaxeFlixel (OpenFL)Web, Mobile, Desktop, ConsolesFree, cross-platform 2D game engine powered by OpenFL.
Haxegon (OpenFL)Web, Mobile, Desktop, ConsolesA programming library for beginners. Powered by OpenFL and Starling.
HeapsWeb, Mobile, Desktop, ConsolesHigh Performance Game Framework.
hxdefoldWeb, Mobile, DesktopHaxe/Lua externs for Defold game engine.
OpenFLWeb, Mobile, Desktop, ConsolesInteractive game and app development library.
StarlingWeb, Mobile, DesktopThe "Cross-Platform Game Engine", a popular Stage3D framework.
Stencyl (OpenFL)Web, Mobile, DesktopCreate Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android, and desktop games with no code.
unreal.hxWeb, Mobile, Desktop, ConsolesHaxe Integration for Unreal.
Low-level EngineTargetDescription
KhaWeb, Mobile, Desktop, ConsoleUltra-portable, high performance, open source multimedia framework.
LimeWeb, Mobile, DesktopA flexible, lightweight layer for Haxe cross-platform developers.
linc_glfwDesktopGLFW binding (multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan).
NMEWeb, Mobile, DesktopA cross-platform native backend for Haxe projects.


echoSimple Physics Library.
haxebulletBullet 3D Physics for Haxe.
nape-haxe4Physics Engine (the original Haxe3 version of nape can be found here).


IoC == Inversion of Control  
EC == Entity Component
ECS == Entity-Component-System
FSM == Finite State Machine
MVC == Model View Controller
awe6IoC, ECThe inverted game framework, is a development tool focused on Future Proofing.
ecxECSAn Entity Component System framework.
hexMachinaMVCA powerful multi-modular MVC framework.
OSISECSEntity Component System architecture with networking support.


AnetteSimple network library (no UDP).
colyseus-hxMultiplayer Game Client.
haxe-simple-peer (js)Haxe externs for simple-peer.
hxWebSocketsWebsockets for all Haxe platforms.
Built-inHeaps, OpenFL (HaxeFlixel & co), Kha (Armory).

Serialization and storage

BitsBinary bit flags with unlimited amount of bits.
CastleDBA structured static database easing collaboration.
hxbitA binary serialization and network synchronization library.
PODStreamPlain Old Data serializer.


Dead CellsDesktop, ConsolesHeaps
Defender's QuestDesktop, ConsolesHaxeFlixel (OpenFL)
Dicey DungeonsDesktop, ConsolesHaxegon (OpenFL)
EvolandDesktop, MobileHeaps
Papers, PleaseDesktop, iOS, PsVitaOpenFL
Pocket KingdomDesktopHaxePunk (OpenFL)
rymdkapselDesktop, MobileOpenFL
SpellbreakPC, PS, Xbox, Switchunreal.hx
The Westport IndependentDesktop, MobileLuxe
Frontier StoryDesktopHeaps

More showcase :


Animationspine-hxSpine runtime for Haxe automatically converted from the official Java/libgdx runtime.
_HaxeFlixelSpine parser.
_Heaps-SpineSpine player for heaps.
_heaps-asepriteLoad and render sprites and animations in Aseprite format.
_openfl-asepriteLoad and render sprites and animations in Aseprite format.
_openfl-spineRender Spine animation in the OpenFL engine, rendering processing can be achieved through Sprite and Tilemap.
_ase.ase/.aseprite file format loader written in Haxe without external dependencies.
Color manipulationnxColorColor manipulation library.
CollisiondifferA separation axis theorem collision library.
Data structurespolygonal-dsData structures for games.
Editorflixel-studioIn-game editor for HaxeFlixel.
Procedural generationDungeon builderA set of dungeon generation algorithm (works w/ hx4 w/ minor changes).
LocalizationfiretongueA translation/localization framework written in Haxe.
Map parserPyxelEdit Map ImporterParser for maps generated by the editor PyxelEdit.
_HeapsBuilt-in parser for Tiled.
_HaxeFlixelParser for Tiled & Ogmo.
_LEd2D level editor with a typed compile time loader.
Math helpershxmathA game-oriented math library for the Haxe language.
_haxe-glmA toolset for using 2, 3, and 4 dimensional vectors and matrices, as well as quaternions.
_hx-vector2dWorlds most complete Vector2d / Point class. With operator overloading.
ModdingpolymodAn atomic modding framework for Haxe games/apps.
ParticlesSparklerModular Particle System.
Monetizationextension-iapProvides an access to in-app purchases (iOS) and in-app billing (Android) for OpenFL projects using a common API. Fork of this.
PathfindingpathfinderEasy A* pathfinding algorithm.
Spritehaxe-asepriteParser for .ase and .aseprite files.
SteamSteamWrapHaxe native extension for the Steam API.
Texture PackerhxpkPort of the libGDX Texture Packer.
TweeningactuateA flexible, fast "tween" library.
_YATLYet Another (Haxe) Tweening Library.
UIdomkitCSS Components based strictly typed UI framework.
_flixel-uiGUI library for HaxeFlixel.
_HaxeUIUI library with multiple framework backends (HTML5, Kha, OpenFL, PixiJS, WxWidgets, and a number of others as works in progress)


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