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Awesome Digital History

Find primary sources online and learn how to research history digitally.

Finding aids for textual and multimedia primary sources with a focus on the western hemisphere and the 19th and 20th centuries. Courses and learning tools to explore history digitally.


Archives and primary sources


  • ANNO - Austrian Newspapers online.
  • Digitarium - Digital edition of the historical Wiener Zeitung.
  • Österreichische Mediathek - The Austrian archive for sound recordings and videos from cultural and contemporary history.
  • Wien Geschichte Wiki - It is based on the Historical Dictionary Vienna by Felix Czeike, currently there are 50,156 contributions and 12,510 images.





Great Britain


  • Delpher - More than 100 million pages from Dutch newspapers, books and magazines.

North America


  • Amtsdruckschriften - Federal Gazette, Administrative Case Law of the Federal Authorities and more documents from the Swiss Federal Archives.
  • Année Politique Suisse - Sources on developments in Swiss politics and society.
  • Archives Online - Archival search engine for Switzerland.
  • chgov - Minutes of the Federal Council (1848-1963).
  • arCHeco - Index of economic collections in archives of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
  • COSMOV - COSMOV includes a digital edition of the events of the Zurich summer of 1968.
  • DigiBern - Bernese culture and history on the Internet.
  • Digithek - A collection of digital finding aids for secondary and vocational schools.
  • Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland - Diplomatic documents of Switzerland.
  • e-codices - Virtual manuscript library of Switzerland containing 2297 manuscripts from 92 different collections.
  • e-gs - Online web portal of the ETH Zurich Graphics Collection.
  • e-manuscripta - Manuscript material from Swiss libraries and archives.
  • - Swiss newspapers.
  • E-Periodica - Swiss journals.
  • e-rara - The platform for digitised rare books from Swiss libraries.
  • histHub - Search engine for all major standardized data APIs.
  • Historical Encyclopedia of Switzerland - Encyclopedia on Swiss history.
  • HSSO - Historical statistics of Switzerland online.
  • impresso - Historical newspaper collections of the Swiss National Library, the National Library of Luxembourg, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Le Temps, the Valais State Archives and the Swiss Economic Archives.
  • Industriekultur - Swiss national inventory of industry artifacts.
  • Edition projects - A database containing current historical edition projects in Switzerland.
  • Kartenportal - Search engine for maps.
  • Le Temps - Archive of Gazette de Lausanne et du Journal de Genève.
  • - Journey through time via maps of Switzerland.
  • MEMOBASE - Provides access to 415'634 audiovisual documents from 67 Swiss memory institutions.
  • Schweizerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv - This collection comprises over 500 business archives from the period 1750 to the present day, with a focus on the Basel region.
  • swisscollections - Meta search engine for historical and modern collections in Swiss libraries and archives.
  • timeSTAT Cubes - The Federal Council reports to parliament on income and expenditure for the past years.


  • AdFontes - An Introduction to Working with Sources in the Archive.
  • Clio Guide - A handbook on digital resources for the historical sciences.
  • Digital History Guide - Introduction to the web for historians—teachers and students, archivists and museum curators, professors as well as amateur enthusiasts—who wish to produce online historical work, or to build upon and improve the projects they have already started in this important new medium.
  • Geospatial Historian - Open HGIS Lessons and Resources.
  • HIST3814o - Methods and Readings in Digital History by Shawn Graham at Carleton University.
  • HIST 7370 - Methods and Readings in Digital History by Cameron Blevins at Northeastern University.
  • History Toolkit - You will learn how to critically analyse historical conditions, developments, patterns and ruptures – or, alternatively, how to call these into question.
  • Local Linkages - How to frame questions about the past, identify sources to answer those questions, place them in context, and present that historical interpretation online in a digital form.
  • The CTP Book - A book for teaching Computational Thinking and Programming skills to people with a background in the Humanities.
  • The Programming Historian - Novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate research and teaching.
  • UCI Digital History - Overview on the field of Digital History and Digital Humanities.
  • We think History - News about and innovations from digital history.

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