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Awesome YouTubers

Watch video tutorials from YouTubers that teach you about technology.

Extra information Take a look at the README file at the "badges" directory to know what the badges mean. The order of the YouTubers doesn't mean the quality: all of the YouTubers below are awesome. The section the YouTuber is in is its main content. Note that this is not a promotional list of any kind. Check also the Discussions tab.


To find a specific topic faster, you can press Ctrl + F and type the topic you're searching for. It's recommendable to open the links with the click of the mouse wheel or by right-clicking a link and selecting "Open link in new tab" so you can keep the list in a separate tab.

Programming in general

There're a lot of programming languages out there. In this section, you can find any programming language, including Python, C, Java. Also, many YouTubers teach about frameworks of these languages. Not only programming languages but more general programming stuff. You can find either practical tutorials or theoretical tutorials.

Tech With Tim \ Content about: Python, Other about tech \ Featured playlists: Python Machine Learning Tutorials, Python Programming Tutorials, Kivy Tutorials Python, and other Python playlists.

Derek Banas \ Content about: Mathematics, Programming languages \ Featured playlists: Learn Algebra, C++ Tutorial, C# Tutorial, Java Video Tutorial, a lot of diverse topics. \

Don Jones \ Content about: PowerShell \ Featured playlists: Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, SAPIEN PowerShell Training, PowerShell Tips, Tricks, and Snippets.

Corey Schafer \ Content about: Python, Backend \ Featured playlists: Python Tutorials, Django Tutorials, Flask Tutorials, Matplotlib Tutorials, SQL Tutorials. \

Brian Will \ Content about: Backend, Rendering, Theoretical classes \ Featured playlists: OpenGL, the Clojure language, Python playlists, Pigeon, an educational programming language, many more interesting playlists!.

LearningLad \ Content about: C, C#, C++ \ Featured playlists: Learn C Programming Language | Tutorial for Beginners, Learn C++ Programming | Video Tutorial for Beginners, C++ Object Oriented Programming, and many more playlists.

David Bombal \ Content about: Ethical hacking, Linux \ Featured playlists: CCNA Exam: 200-125, 100-105 and 200-105, Cisco playlists, SDN Videos. \

Ben Eater \ Content about: Assembly language, Hardware, Computer sciences \ Featured playlists: Building an 8-bit breadboard computer!, Network tutorial, Digital electronics tutorials, a lot of videos related.

The Coding Train \ Content about: Algorithms, Various programming languages \ Featured playlists: The Nature of Code: Simulating Natural Systems with Processing, Learning Processing: A Beginner's Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction.

Geek's Lesson \ Content about: Backend, Theoretical, Data \ Featured playlists: Data structures playlists, Backend programming languages videos, Mathematics videos. \

Intellipaat \ Content about: DevOps, Artificial intelligence \ Featured playlists: DevOps Tutorial for Beginners, Artificial Intelligence Tutorial, Machine Learning Tutorial, Python Tutorial for Beginners.

ProgrammingKnowledge \ Content about: Backend, APIs \ Featured playlists: Node.js Tutorial for Beginners, Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners, C++ Programming Tutorial for Beginners, other videos about different programming languages.

Coding Tech \ Content about: All programming, Talks \ Featured playlists: Frontend development videos, Backend development videos, Theoretical videos, a lot more tech topics playlists!.

Simplified Coding \ Content about: Android, Backend \ Featured playlists: PHP, MySQL and Firebase videos, Kotlin Programming Tutorial, more videos and playlists. \

Smartherd \ Content about: Kotlin, Android, more programming languages \ Featured playlists: a lot of Kotlin & Android videos, Ruby Tutorial for Beginners, Dart Tutorial for Beginners, Java Tutorial for Beginners.

Tensor Programming \ Content about: Rust, Dart, Flutter \ Featured playlists: Flutter Tutorials, Dart & Dart for Beginners, Intro to Rust & Rust Projects. \ \ Content about: General programming, Computer science, Web Dev, DevOps, etc. \ Featured playlists: Python Tutorials, Machine Learning, Java Tutorials. \

CS Dojo \ Content about: Python and General concepts \ Featured playlists: Data Structures and Algorithms, Python Tutorials for Absolute Beginners, Coding Interview Questions and Answers.

sentdex \ Content about: Python for AI and Finance \ Featured playlists: Python Programming for Finance, Machine Learning with Python, Neural Networks from Scratch in Python.

Java Brains \ Content about: Spring, Java \ Featured playlists: Spring Framework Courses playlists, Spring Boot Microservices - Full Course playlists, Java EE Courses playlists.

IAmTimCorey \ Content about: C#, .NET \ Featured playlists: Advanced Topics in C#, Getting Started with C#, C# User Interfaces, many other C# videos, .NET video tutorials.

WilliamFiset \ Content about: Algoritms, Data structures \ Featured playlists: Network Flow playlist, Data structures playlist, Graph Theory Playlist, Tree Algoritms, Dynamic Programming.

Caleb Curry \ Content about: Python, JavaScript, C, C#, C++ \ Featured playlists: Python Programming, JavaScript playlist, C# Tutorials, C Programming Tutorials, C++ Tutorials, Java Tutorials, database tutorial videos.

CodingEntrepreneurs \ Content about: Python \ Featured playlists: 30 Days of Python ~ Python 3.8+, Coding With Python, Python 3.8 and Django 3+, Install and setup on Windows and Mac.

Sebastiaan Mathôt \ Content about: Python \ Featured playlists: Python lectures, Improving and optimizing Python, some other Python playlists!. \

AngelSix \ Content about: C# \ Featured playlists: C# Mastery Course (2020), C# Programming (Beginners), .NET Core and ASP.NET Server Development Tutorials, WPF UI Programming (C#).

DataDaft \ Content about: Data science, Python, R, Practical & theoretical \ Featured playlists: Python for Data Analysis, Introduction to R, Python Programming Practice, Pandas, more playlists!.

Fun Fun Function \ Content about: Programming principals, mostly around JavaScript \ Featured playlists: OOP in js, Unit testing, TDD, Functional programming in JavaScript. \

Mike Dane \ Content about: MongoDB, SQL, C#, C++ \ Featured playlists: MongoDB - NoSQL Database, PHP - Programming Language, C# - Programming Language, C++ - Programming Language.

KodingKevin \ Content about: Data Structures, Algorithms, Coding Interview \ Featured playlists: Array Methods Mini Course, Javascript Algorithms + Data Structures. \

The Cherno \ Content about: C++, Game development \ Featured playlists: Game Engine, C++, OpenGL, 3D game programming in java. \

Hussein Nasser \ Content about: Databases, Networking, Backend Development, Security, Protocols, Concepts \ Featured playlists: High Availability, Python by Example, HTTP/2, Message Queues & PubSub Systems, Proxies, many more video tutorials.

Alex Lee \ Content about: Java \ Featured playlists: Java Basics 1, Java Basics 2, Java Intermediate 1. \

Redis University \ Content about: Redis \ Featured playlists: Redis Explained: Learn Redis. \

CraterMaik \ Content about: Discord.js \ Featured playlists: DISCORD BOT MODULAR, Discord BOT | Desarrollo, Tutoriales Discord 2020. \

NeuralNine \ Content about: Python, Data structures, Data science, Machine learning, Ethical hacking \ Featured playlists: Algorithms & Data Structures, Python Machine Learning Tutorial, Python AI Projects, Python Hacking Projects, Python beginner/intermediate tutorials.

Real Python \ Content about: Python \ Featured playlists: Python - Intermediate and Advanced Features, Functional Programming in Python, Tools for Effective Python Development, How to Build Your Python Career.

LucidProgramming \ Content about: Python \ Featured playlists: Algorithms (Python), Data Structures (Python), Technical Interview Preparation, Web Scraping and Automation (Python), many more videos.

Nick Chapsas \ Content about: C#, .NET, Azure, AWS, General Programming \ Featured playlists: ASP.NET Core REST API Tutorial, ASP.NET Core General Tutorials, Essential Nuget Packages in .NET, Software Engineering Fundamentals.

John Ortiz Ordoñez \ Content about: Python, Java, Ejercicios de programación \ Featured playlists: Python - Ejercicios, Java - Ejercicios, playlists de Numpy, Pandas - Ejercicios, muchas más playlists.

Python In 1 Minute \ Content about: Python \ Featured playlists: 1-Minute Tutorials, a lot of Python videos from various Python topics. \

Andreas Kling \ Content about: Hacking \ Featured playlists: Browser hacking, DevTools hacking, OS hacking, SerenityOS, Emulator hacking. \

Hackers Realm \ Content about: Python, Problem solving \ Featured playlists: Hackerrank Problem Solving, Machone/Deep learning Projects Tutorials. \

Bro Code \ Content about: Java, Python, C#/C++ \ Featured playlists: playlists of these languages with a lot of videos. \

NullPointer Exception \ Content about: Theoretical, Data \ Featured playlists: Introduction to Data Structures, Sorting Algorithm Lectures/Visualizations, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming.

dotNET \ Content about: .NET, ASP.NET, C# \ Featured playlists: Desktop and .NET Code 101, ASP.NET Core 101, DevOps for .NET, C# Language Highlights, C# Advanced, and more.

kudvenkat \ Content about: SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, Design patterns \ Featured playlists: Design Patterns tutorial for beginners, SQL Server tutorial for beginners, c# tutorial for beginners, ASP.NET tutorial for beginners.

Ian Schoenrock \ Content about: C#, Swift, Kotlin \ Featured playlists: C# Full Course Beginner to Advanced, Swift Course, Kotlin Course, Xamarin Forms Lists Course, and more.

javidx9 \ Content about: C++, Theoretical, Game development \ Featured playlists: NES Emulator From Scratch, Interesting Programming, Code-It-Yourself!. \

SingletonSean \ Content about: C#, WPF, .NET \ Featured playlists: Full Stack WPF MVVM, WPF Navigation, WPF Responsive Design, WPF Custom Controls, Design Patterns.

Payload \ Content about: C#, WPF, .NET \ Featured playlists: How To Program in C#, videos creating C#-based apps. \

Coding with Efehan \ Content about: C#, .NET, Discord \ Featured playlists: Discord.NET Bot Development. \

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Web development

Web development includes frontend development: the very basics (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) as well as the most modern frameworks (React.js, Vue.js, Angular). It also includes backend development topics, like Node.js, GraphQL, SQL and more basic things, like DNS, URLs, Deployment. You can also find freelancing as a web developer and other related stuff.

Codevolution \ Content about: React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript \ Featured playlists: React.js Tutorial for Beginners, React.js Hooks Tutorial, React.js Redux Tutorial, React.js Storybook Tutorial, React.js Formik Tutorial, Practical React.js.

Flux \ Content about: Web design, Design, Freelancing \ Featured playlists: Free Web Design Course 2020, Portfolios: Case Studies & Reviews, How To Start Freelancing, FREELANCE TIPS: How to find clients & grow your business.

techsith \ Content about: React.js, JavaScript \ Featured playlists: react js from scratch, Node.js Tutorials For Beginners, Data Structures in JavaScript, Interview Preparation.

CSS Animation \ Content about: CSS \ Featured playlists: Full Course: Level Up Your CSS Animation Skills. \

Dani Krossing \ Content about: Web development, Backend \ Featured playlists: HTML and CSS Tutorials, JavaScript Tutorials, PHP Tutorials, jQuery Tutorials. \

JavaScript Mastery \ Content about: React.js, JavaScript, Backend \ Featured playlists: Learn JavaScript, Master React.js by Building Real Projects. \

Omatum \ Content about: Web development, Design \ Featured playlists: Live Omatum Bucks Software Project Streams, Software Project: OmatumBucks, Live Website Development Project Streams, Uncut Live Streams.

Punit Chawla \ Content about: Web design, Adobe XD \ Featured playlists: Design Weekly, Design Essentials. \

Dev Ed \ Content about: Web design, JavaScript, React.js \ Featured playlists: Web Design Tutorial (UI & UX), React.js Tutorial For Beginners, CSS Tutorials, JavaScript tutorials playlists.

DesignCourse \ Content about: Web design, Design, UI/UX, Adobe XD \ Featured playlists: Illustrator Tutorials, Adobe XD Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, LATEST DEV TUTS, LATEST DESIGN TUTS.

Traversy Media \ Content about: Frontend, Backend \ Featured playlists: HTML & CSS, Vanilla JavaScript, Node.js Videos, React.js Projects, PHP Front To Back, a lot more of web development playlists!.

Thomas Bradley \ Content about: Web design, Accessibility, Performance \ Featured playlists: Accessibility and performance videos, Jekyll playlists, CSS animation videos, SEO videos, more videos/playlists about web development.

Red Stapler \ Content about: JavaScript, CSS \ Featured playlists: CSS Tips and Tricks, some playlists about JavaScript libraries. \

Brian Design \ Content about: Frontend, React.js, Web design \ Featured playlists: React.js Tutorials, HTML, CSS & JavaScript Tutorials, videos of web design (UI/UX). \

Fireship \ Content about: JavaScript, Flutter, Firebase \ Featured playlists: 100 Seconds of Code, Angular Essentials, Flutter, Frontend Mini Projects. \

Academind \ Content about: Frontend, JavaScript, Web design \ Featured playlists: React.js + Redux Basics, Vue.js 2 - Getting Started, Amazon Web Services Basics. \

Florin Pop \ Content about: JavaScript, CSS \ Featured playlists: Learn JavaScript, Learn React.js, Learn CSS, JavaScript Array Methods. \

LevelUpTuts \ Content about: Frontend, Web design, CMS \ Featured playlists: Design Tutorials playlists, CMS Tutorials playlists, HTML & CSS Tutorials, React.js videos, and more!.

Programming with Mosh \ Content about: Frontend, Backend \ Featured playlists: JavaScript Tutorials, JavaScript frameworks videos, Python Tutorials, Node.js Tutorials, C#.NET Tutorials. \ Content about: JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks \ Featured playlists: JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners, React.js, Angular and Vue.js playlists, MEAN Stack Tutorials, jQuery Tutorial for Beginners.

Raw Coding \ Content about: ASP.NET, .NET \ Featured playlists: Modern Web Development Series, Vue.js Beginner Guide with ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core Tutorials, a lot more .NET tutorials!.

Layout Land \ Content about: CSS \ Featured playlists: CSS theoretical and practical videos. \

The Net Ninja \ Content about: Frontend, Backend \ Featured playlists: Flutter Tutorial for Beginners, React.js and React Native playlists, a lot of JavaScript playlists, including JavaScript frameworks, GraphQL Tutorial, many, many more!.

Kevin Powell \ Content about: CSS \ Featured playlists: CSS Grid videos, Flexbox basics, Responsive CSS tutorials, CSS animation, many more CSS video tutorials!.

Harry Wolff \ Content about: React.js, JavaScript \ Featured playlists: React Tutorials, Building a React Native App, JavaScript Tutorials, TypeScript playlist. \

Coding Garden \ Content about: JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks \ Featured playlists: Code Wars Code Katas. \

Hitesh Choudhary \ Content about: Frontend, Backend \ Featured playlists: JavaScript course, Docker for Beginners, MongoDB and Mocha, Vue JS Crash Course, a lot more of playlists and videos.

swyx \ Content about: Web development in general, serverless \ Featured playlists: AWS Amplify. \

Yuri Artyukh \ Content about: Live coding around creative coding, WebGl (three.js, glsl) JavaScript animations \ Featured playlists: JavaScript, Three.js, gsap, Pixi.js, canvas, glsl, Shaders. \

Jason Lengstorf \ Content about: Frontend, Backend, GraphQL, D3, Svelte, other technologies \ Featured playlists: JavaScript, Web development, JAMstack. \

DevTips \ Content about: JavaScript, CSS and CSS Preprocessors, Next.js \ Featured playlists: CSS Animations Series, Learn jQuery in 15 Minutes, Webflow From Scratch, Regular Expressions Series.

Online Tutorials \ Content about: HTML, CSS, JS, Animations, Responsive Web Designs \ Featured playlists: Css Animation Effects, Responsive Website Design from Scratch, Css Button Hover Effect, Parallax Effect, Css Tutorials and many more...

Bitfumes \ Content about: JavaScript, NextJs, NuxtJs, VueJs, ReactJs, SvelteJs, CSS and CSS Preprocessors, Laravel \ Featured playlists: Vuejs, SvelteJs, Laravel Livewire Full Course, Learn to use Nuxt.js, ReactJS Basics, Laravel PHP Framework Tutorial - Full Course 6.5 Hours (2020).

Web Dev Simplified \ Content about: Web development in general, JavaScript, React, CSS, Best practices and design patterns \ Featured playlists: Small projects, Who Wants To Be A Megabit (Trivia Game), CSS Tutorials, Web App Security/Authentication.

Ben Awad \ Content about: Web development, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, GraphQL \ Featured playlists: GraphQL tutorials, React Hooks, Practical React, Typescript, Next.js, And GraphQL Series. \

Fazt Code \ Content about: Frontend, Backend \ Featured playlists: Node.js playlist, videos de API/REST API, frameworks de JavaScript, Node.js & Mongodb CRUD 2.0, otros videos relacionados.

Bluuweb ! \ Content about: Frontend, Backend \ Featured playlists: Curso de Vue.js, Curso de CSS3 y Flexbox Completo, Bootstrap 4 Curso Completo, videos de JavaScript y React.js, Curso Firebase / Firestore desde cero 💪.

Ebenezer Don \ Content about: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase, FastAPI, TypeScript \ Featured playlists: Getting started with Web development, Version control, Frontend database management. \

Codificandolo \ Content about: Frontend, Backend \ Featured playlists: APRENDE JAVASCRIPT | BOOTCAMP FULL STACK JAVASCRIPT, REACT.JS, JAVASCRIPT AVANZADO, Programación PHP, VUE + FIREBASE.

Bayan Bennett \ Content about: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS \ Featured playlists: DevLogs, How to JavaScript #shorts, Code Reviews. \

Soy Dalto \ Content about: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Frontend \ Featured playlists: Curso de DISEÑO WEB desde CERO (Completo), Cursos de Desarrollo Web desde CERO (Completos), Aprende a PROGRAMAR (Desde Cero).

Code with Ania Kubów \ Content about: JavaScript, React, React-Native, Next.js, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, Serverless Functions \ Featured playlists: JavaScript Game Walkthroughs, Clones, Blockchain, JavaScript inbuilt methods. \

LearnWebCode \ Content about: CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Web Development \ Featured playlists: Wordpress theme development, Learn CSS. \

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Computer science

The core concepts of the computer sciences can be found here. Some channels teach you about math operations, including a lot of playlists with different math topics. The same goes for math and physics closely related to computers and hardware. Perfect if you want to learn about the deepest terms.

Zach Star \ Content about: Math \ Featured playlists: Applied Math, Math Major, Computer Science/Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Domain of Science \ Content about: Math, Quantum Physics \ Featured playlists: Mathematics Videos - Domain of Science, The Map of Quantum Physics Expanded, Videos I made for D-Wave Systems.

Neso Academy \ Content about: Electronics, Networking, Theoretical classes \ Featured playlists: Network Theory, Computer Networks, Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems, Programming languages playlists.

Computerphile \ Content about: Software, Hardware \ Featured playlists: How Computer Memory Works, Data Analysis with Dr Mike Pound, Artificial Intelligence with Rob Miles, Remote Working Technologies.

stanfordonline \ Content about: Theoretical classes, Lectures \ Featured playlists: Computer Science and Security, Engineering, Energy Technologies, Leadership and Management, Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning.

FCIH OCW \ Content about: Math, Data science \ Featured playlists: Data Science, Data Visualization playlists, Mathematics and Statistics playlists, more videos related.

MIT OpenCourseWare \ Content about: Math, Computer science, Engineering \ Featured playlists: Mathematics playlists, Computer science playlists, Engineering playlists. \

Harvard's CS50 \ Content about: Computer science and General Programming \ Featured playlists: CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python 2020, CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript 2020, CS50's Introduction to Game Development 2018.

3Blue1Brown \ Content about: Maths and visualization of various mathematical concepts \ Featured playlists: Essence Of Calculus, Essence Of linear Algebra, Neural Networks. \

Memorias de un Informático \ Content about: Cursos sobre electrónica, linux y proyectos. \ Featured playlists: Curso ARM desde 0, Personalización de Linux, Curso de electrónica. \

Socratica \ Content about: Math, Computing, General science \ Featured playlists: Abstract Algebra, Learn Python playlist, videos about studying, many more science topics. \

Abdul Bari \ Content about: Algorithm \ Featured playlists: Algorithms. \

mycodeschool \ Content about: C/C++ language, Data structures, Algorithm \ Featured playlists: Sorting Algorithms, Data structures, Pointers in C/C++, Introduction to Programming through 'C'.

Gary Explains \ Content about: Concepts, Theory \ Featured playlists: Raspberry Pi, Microcontrollers, Programming, Linux, more!. \

StatQuest with Josh Starmer \ Content about: Data visualization, Machine learning, Data manipulation, Neural networks \ Featured playlists: Linear Regression and Linear Models, Machine Learning, High Throughput Sequencing, Statistics Fundamentals, and more!.

Eddie Woo \ Content about: Mathematics \ Featured playlists: Binomial theory, Calculus, Algebra, Complex numbers. \

Professor Leonard \ Content about: Mathematics \ Featured playlists: Algebra, Statastics, Calculus. \

Learn coding \ Content about: Java OOP, Oracle database, Datastructure (IN Hindi Lang) \ Featured playlists: Java OOP, Oracle database, C Programs. \

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Machine learning

Find YouTubers experienced in Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Neural Network and many more topics related to this wide category. A good thing about Machine Learning is that it can be applied using different programming languages, and the core concepts meet the same structure for the different programming languages.

Abhishek Thakur \ Content about: Practical videos, Talks \ Featured playlists: Applied Machine Learning Framework, Tips & Tricks of machine learning, more videos!. \

Ahlad Kumar \ Content about: Deep learning, Theoretical \ Featured playlists: Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network, Neural Networks playlists, many more playlists!. \

Aladdin Persson \ Content about: PyTorch, TensorFlow \ Featured playlists: PyTorch Tutorials, TensorFlow 2.0 Beginner Tutorials, Machine Learning Algorithms. \

Andreas Mueller \ Content about: Machine learning \ Featured playlists: Applied Machine Learning 2020. \

Data School \ Content about: Python, Machine learning, Theoretical \ Featured playlists: Introduction to Machine Learning playlists, Data analysis in Python with Pandas, other talks videos and Python videos.

Henry AI Labs \ Content about: Theoretical \ Featured playlists: Deep Learning Paper Summaries, Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks, Neural Network Design.

Jeremy Howard \ Content about: Deep learning, Theoretical \ Featured playlists: Deep Learning from the Foundations, Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders, Practical Deep Learning for Coders (2018, 2019, 2020).

Rasa \ Content about: Rasa, AI, NLP \ Featured playlists: NLP for Developers, Developing Contextual AI assistants with Rasa tools, Algorithm Whiteboard, Live Coding.

Yannic Kilcher \ Content about: NLP, Machine learning, Deep learning, Theoretical \ Featured playlists: Natural Language Processing, General Machine Learning, Deep Learning Architectures, Computer Vision, Applications of Machine Learning, more!.

OpenAI \ Content about: NLP, Machine learning, AI \ Featured playlists: Events and Talks, Research Releases, Robotics. \

Two Minute Papers \ Content about: Machine Learning and AI Research, Scientific Papers \ Featured playlists: Two Minute Papers, AlphaGo, Fluid, Cloth and Hair Simulations, AI and Deep Learning, Light Transport, Ray Tracing and Global Illumination.

Ringa Tech \ Content about: Inteligencia artificial, Redes neuronales \ Featured playlists: Inteligencia Artificial, Inteligencia Artificial desde cero con Python y Tensorflow, Visión artificial.

Machine Learnia \ Content about: Machine Learning, Scikit Learn, Python \ Featured playlists: FORMATION DEEP LEARNING, SKLEARN tutoriel français Machine Learning, PYTHON SPÉCIAL MACHINE LEARNING.

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Game development

This is a wide topic. In this section, you can find YouTubers who teach about game development programs (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.), core concepts in different programming languages (JavaScript, HTML5, Java) and art/design creation, 3D modelling and much more.

ScriptersWar \ Content about: JavaScript, HTML5 \ Featured playlists: How to Make HTML5 Games: JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners JS Guide, a lot more videos. \

Brackeys \ Content about: Unity, C#, Game design \ Featured playlists: How to make a 2D Platformer - Unity Course, Making a Multiplayer FPS in Unity, How to program in C# - Beginner Course, Unity 2D Tutorials.

Jonas Tyroller \ Content about: GameMaker Studio, Tips and planning playlists \ Featured playlists: Will You Snail? - Full Development., Game Dev Tips, How To Get Started With Game Development.. \

RealTutsGML \ Content about: Java, GameMaker Studio \ Featured playlists: Java Basic Programming, Cool Game Maker Tutorials, Beginner Java Game Development, Java Platform Game Programming.

Mark Rise \ Content about: Game design, Animation \ Featured playlists: Geometric design playlists, Video Game Character Animation Course, After Effects Animation Tutorials.

Chris Courses \ Content about: HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript \ Featured playlists: HTML5 Canvas Tutorials for Beginners | Become a Canvas Pro, other JavaScript-related videos. \

Zenva \ Content about: Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot \ Featured playlists: Master Unity Game Development, Unreal Game Development Mini-Degree, Godot Game Development Mini-Degree, a very lot more playlists about game development and design!.

Mix and Jam \ Content about: Unity \ Featured playlists: Mix and Jam Recreations, Game Jams, RE Mix and Jam. \

Sebastian Lague \ Content about: Unity, C#, Game design \ Featured playlists: Introduction to Game Development (Unity and C#), Procedural Planet Generation, Coding Adventures.

DaFluffyPotato \ Content about: Pygame \ Featured playlists: Pygame Tutorial Series (beginner), Pygame Tutorial Series (amateur), Pygame Tutorial Series (advanced), more Pygame videos!.

ChiliTomatoNoodle \ Content about: C++, DirextX, 3D \ Featured playlists: Beginner C++ Game Programming, Intermediate C++ Game Programming, Advanced C++ Game Programming, 3D Programming Fundamentals, C++ 3D DirextX Programming.

GDQuest \ Content about: GODOT \ Featured playlists: Godot 3 tutorials, 3d Maze Game in Godot, Make Your First 2D Game with Godot, Godot - Beginner Game Creation Tutorials.

HeartBeast \ Content about: GODOT, 2D, GameMaker \ Featured playlists: Godot Engine Tutorials, Resource Based Inventory Tutorial in Godot, 2D Hack-n-Slash Course (Complete Course), GameMaker Platform Tutorials.

Meth Meth Method \ Content about: JavaScript \ Featured playlists: Super Mario Bros in JavaScript, Creating a Tetris Online Multiplayer in Javascript. \

Développeuse Du Dimanche \ Content about: Réalisation de jeux vidéos, Les coulisses du développement de jeu indépendant \ Featured playlists: Tuto, Nos conférences, Pourquoi c'est cool ?, Journal de bord. \

Clear Code \ Content about: Python \ Featured playlists: Pygame Fundamentals, Creating Pong in Pygame, Learning pygame by making Flappy Bird, Google dinosaur runner in Godot.

The DevKing \ Content about: game development, Robolox scripting \ Featured playlists: Robolox scripting. \

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Security is something we all should care about. Learn how you can protect yourself from attackers or malicious software. Learn also how the hacks are made to know deeply what is going on inside them, with the ethical hacking tutorials.

Professor Messer \ Content about: Security \ Featured playlists: CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Training Course, CompTIA N10-007 Network+ Study Groups, and many more like this!.

CodeCommand \ Content about: Ethical hacking, Security \ Featured playlists: Cyber Security - Penetration Testing Course (Offensive Security), Kali Linux Tutorials | Pentesting Methods |.

LiveOverflow \ Content about: Ethical hacking \ Featured playlists: Browser Exploitation, Hardware Security Research/Mobile, Binary Exploitation. \

NullByte \ Content about: Networking and security, Tutorials on Pentesting tools, Ethical hacking \ Featured playlists: Using Wireshark, NodeMCU, RaspberryPi, Cyber Weapons lab. \

Hackersploit \ Content about: Pentesting, Ethical hacking, Linux \ Featured playlists: Metasploit, Linux, NMap,Osint. \

Gerald Auger \ Content about: Cyber security \ Featured playlists: Breaking Into Cybersecurity Videos - Simply Cyber, Cybersecurity Job Hunting QA with Recruiters, Free Pentester List Companion.

Network Chuck \ Content about: Networking, Cyber security, Ethical hacking \ Featured playlists: Linux - NetworkChuck, FREE Security+ SY0-601 // Complete Course // thisisIT 2020, FREE CCNA 200-301 // Complete Course // NetworkChuck 2020.

John Hammond \ Content about: Cyber security, Ethical hacking, Malware analysis \ Featured playlists: Malware Analysis, TryHackMe, FORENSICS. \

Sun Knudsen \ Content about: Privacy guides, bitcoin \ Featured playlists: Privacy guides, Bitcoin series. \

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Internet connection and networking is a wide topic, and it's common to get stuck while learning about this. Get awesome playlists and videos about both software and hardware to know how does the internet connection and networking works. How to properly set a modem/router and what are the IPs, DNS and more.

Net VN \ Content about: Internet, Networking, Command line, Hardware \ Featured playlists: A lot of router/modem playlists, Software management of internet connection and network videos.

Network Direction \ Content about: Networking \ Featured playlists: Network Direction, Network Fundamentals, Firewall and LAN videos. \

NetworKing \ Content about: Networking, CCNA \ Featured playlists: Full Series | 200-301 CCNA | Free Cisco Video Training 2020 | Networking Inc., other networking videos.

PowerCert Animated Videos \ Content about: Networking hardware with other concepts with helpful the visuals. There is also a crash course on A+ and Net+. \ Featured playlists: Information Technology, CompTIA Certification. \

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Software in general

YouTubers listed in this category may not be programming tutorials or cool design cards, but some other useful software and applications are used every day for everyone. Master that suite you use a lot or learn more about specific services a company provides you with.

Learn Google Spreadsheets \ Content about: Google Spreadsheets \ Featured playlists: Google Sheets - Fundamental Skills, Google Apps Scripts - Fundamental. \

Online Training for Everyone \ Content about: Excel, Office suite \ Featured playlists: Excel 2020 Tutorials, Advanced Excel Tutorials, Microsoft Visio Tutorials, Windows 10 Tutorials.

Simon Sez IT \ Content about: Office suite, Microsoft \ Featured playlists: Excel playlists, QuickBooks playlists, Power BI Tutorials, Microsoft Outlook 2019, more videos about Microsoft programs.

Tom Scott \ Content about: Theoretical videos \ Featured playlists: How To Build An App, The Basics (Code), other science videos. \

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Operating systems

Includes videos and tutorials for the correct management and understanding of Windows, Linux, Mac and other operating systems. Learn about useful commands and settings to keep your OS up-to-date and secure. Understand how do these systems work in-deep to allow you to control them using the best methods.

Riba Linux \ Content about: Linux \ Featured playlists: Install and overview, Linux How-to. \

MSFT WebCast \ Content about: Windows \ Featured playlists: Windows Server Beginners Tutorials, Managing Networking services in Windows Server, Managing Active Directory Infrastructure.

DistroTube \ Content about: Linux, Emacs, CLI, Privacy in general.\ Featured playlists: Privacy & Security, The church of Emacs, The command line, The Arch way. \

Learn LinuxTV \ Content about: Linux Tutorials, Distribution reviews, Linux Guides \ Featured playlists: Hardware reviews, Linux essentials, Linux commands for beginners. \

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Digital design

Web design tutorials are listed in the web development section. But, of course, the digital design is incredibly big, including nice pictures and draw representations about a famous person or attractive promotional videos. Get the knowledge about how to do these things and be a professional with design programs.

How to Graphic Design \ Content about: Adobe Illustrator, Illustrations \ Featured playlists: Adobe Illustrator CC Flat Illustration Tutorials, Logo Creation Tutorials Playlist, Adobe Illustrator CC for Beginners, more Adobe Illustrator playlists.

ArmaganVideos \ Content about: Adobe Illustrator, Illustrations, Flat design \ Featured playlists: Tutorials - Illustrator, Tutorials - After Effects, Tutorials - Flat Design. \

T&T Tutorials \ Content about: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Hand-drawing \ Featured playlists: Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, Character Illustration Illustrator Tutorials, Adobe Illustrator Tools Tutorials.

Pixel & Bracket \ Content about: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop \ Featured playlists: Illustrator Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, other design videos. \

Zakey Design \ Content about: Gimp, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator \ Featured playlists: Gimp Photo Manipulation, Inkscape playlist, Adobe Illustrator videos. \

Art with Flo \ Content about: Procreate, Ipad/tablet drawing \ Featured playlists: PROCREATE TUTORIALS, DIGITAL ART TUTORIALS, Digital Drawing on iPad Pro | Easy Drawing Tutorials, more playlists!.

Envato Tuts+ \ Content about: All design, Illustrations, Web design \ Featured playlists: Learn Adobe Photoshop, Learn About Fonts, Photo and video manipulation playlists, Figma videos, Learn Photo Effects.

Logos By Nick \ Content about: Inkscape, Gimp \ Featured playlists: Inkscape Beginner Tutorials, GIMP Tutorials, Inkscape Typeface Tutorials, Inkscape Logo Design Tutorials.

Mohamed Achraf \ Content about: Adobe Illustrator \ Featured playlists: The Logo Design Process, Adobe Illustrator Tips & Tricks, Character Designs, Illustrator Speedarts.

Charli Marie TV \ Content about: web, graphic design \ Featured playlists: Design careers, Workflow, Design chat, Freelancing as a designer. \

Yes I'm a Designer \ Content about: Design principles, Design tools tutorials \ Featured playlists: 365 days of creativity, Illustrator CC, Indesing tutorials, Photoshop CC. \

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Audio and video

Tutorials about audio and video making. Includes wide topics, such as design, animation, rendering, hardware and more. Using the most popular and the best software to create stunning video animations, well-produced songs and stuff related to these topics.

OBEDIA \ Content about: Audio, Hardware \ Featured playlists: PreSonus Studio One Tutorials, Cubase Tutorials, Ableton Tutorials by OBEDIA, Cakewalk Sonar Tutorials.

Black Mixture \ Content about: After Effects, Animation \ Featured playlists: SPEEDPAINT ANIMATION, Motion Design, After Effects Tutorials. \

Avnish Parker \ Content about: Animation, Design \ Featured playlists: After Effects Tutorials, Text Animation - After Effects Tutorials, Logo Intro - After Effects Tutorials, Motion Graphics - After Effects Tutorials.

Deny King \ Content about: Video, Photos \ Featured playlists: Video Editing, Manipulation PicsArt, many other video/photo editing videos. \

Blender Guru \ Content about: Blender, 3D modeling \ Featured playlists: Blender beginner tutorial series, Blender modeling chair tutorial, Couch tutorial series. \

Grant Abbitt \ Content about: 3D modeling, Reptology, Blender \ Featured playlists: Learn sculpting in blender 2.8, Blender 2.8 for beginners full course. \

CG Fast Track \ Content about: Blender, 3D modeling \ Featured playlists: Blender 2.9 Beginner Tutorial Series, CG Fast Track. \

DUCKY 3D \ Content about: Video, Photos \ Featured playlists: Shading with nodes.Making looping animations with Blender in Eevee engine \

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CPU's, motherboards, monitors, keyboards, mouses, PC's/Laptops and all about hardware. Modems and routers can be also found here, as well as the newest phones and other technological gadgets. Get recommendations and price/quality comparisons about these products.

Teaching Tech \ Content about: Printing \ Featured playlists: 3D printing for beginners, 3D Printing, Ender playlists, Onshape 3D Modelling, Printer reviews playlists.

Linus Tech Tips \ Content about: All hardware \ Featured playlists: Build Guides, Buyer's Guides, and Ultimate Guides, Computer Systems & All-in-Ones, CPU, Motherboard, Memory Videos, many more. \ Content about: Arduino \ Featured playlists: Arduino Tutorials for Beginners, Raspberry Pi Tutorials for Beginners, a lot more Arduino tutorials/projects videos!.

GreatScott! \ Content about: Raspberry Pi, 3D Printing, Electronics \ Featured playlists: 3D Printing, DIY or Buy, Build your own Ambilight with the Raspberry Pi. \

RaspberryPiIVBeginners \ Content about: Raspberry Pi \ Featured playlists: Getting started with your Raspberry Pi. \

ExplainingComputers \ Content about: Raspberry Pi, Electronics, Operation System \ Featured playlists: Artificial Intelligence, Pi Zero Projects, Migrating to Linux, many more. \

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Life skills and job searching

Your professional side can be reinforced while watching these tutorials. It's important to know how to manage you money and keep track of it, as well as tips to get the job you want or start one by yourself. Find also coding/design/tech companies interview methods. \ Content about: Job searching, General skills, Life tips \ Featured playlists: Searching For A Job, Economic thinking playlists, Office Suite tutorials, Making Decisions, Life skills playlists, and more!.

mayuko \ Content about: Job tips, Health \ Featured playlists: How to Kickstart Your Software Engineering Career, 📈career 📈, 🖥t e c h 🖥, 🌱health 🌱. \

Joshua Fluke \ Content about: Interviews, Portfolio Reviews, Getting a Job \ Featured playlists: Entrepreneurship, How to apply to jobs. \

Joma Tech \ Content about: Programming, Job Offers, Salaries, Interviewing \ Featured playlists: Path to Software Engineering, Tech Shows, Startup Series, Interviews, Data Science Analytics. \

HolaMundo \ Content about: Recomendaciones, Reseñas \ Featured playlists: un montón de videos variados. \

Benjamin Code \ Content about: Chaine de vulgarisation du monde du web \ Featured playlists: AWWWARDS, Front End, Freelancing. \

Qu'est-ce que Tu GEEKes ? \ Content about: Vulgarisation de l'informatique au grand public curieux avec des réalisations sourcées, libres de droits et sans publicité. \ Featured playlists: Man, Rumeurs, A chaud, Questions GEEKes.

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Electronics and communication

All tutorials and videos of every single old as well as new electronic components available in the market. How to get started with electronics stuff, every useful resource, and also get advice/recommendation which product to use and why from persons having much more experience in this field.

All About Electronics \ Content about: Electronics and Communication \ Featured playlists: BJT, Analog Electronics, Network Analysis. \

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