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Ask these organizations anything!

  • Edenspiekermann - Design agency based in Berlin and around the world.
  • Code Monkey Health - Helping developers and others with tips, tricks, recipes and programs focused on Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Food LEAF.
  • Ruby Taiwan - Helping developers in Taiwan with any questions. Can ask in English or Chinese.
  • DevOps Taiwan - Helping DevOps engineers with any questions.
  • Vim Taiwan - Helping vimmers in Taiwan with any questions.
  • From the Front - Nonprofit organization behind the "From the Front" conference series in Italy.
  • HackCU - A collegiate hackathon at the University of Colorado that operates a free bi-annual event for students to learn coding or push their skills building things.
  • Ansible Taiwan - Helping Ansible users in Taiwan with any questions.
  • IIIT Vadodara - Open-source organization maintained by college students.
  • Nikita Voloboev - Loves making and sharing things. Building Learn Anything, Enpicom and tools.

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Fun: AMAs is a recursive acronym.


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