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Awesome Homematic

A curated list of Homematic related links

Homematic is a series of Smart Home devices from the manufacturer eQ-3, popular especially in Germany.


Community Ressources (mostly german language)


Mobile Apps

CCU Alternatives

  • debmatic - Install the Homematic OCCU on Debian based amd64, armhf and arm64 systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, Armbian)
  • docker-ccu - Homematic CCU firmware running as Docker container on arm and (emulated) x86.
  • Homegear - Free and open source program to interface your smart home devices with your home automation software or your own scripts.
  • piVCCU - Install the original Homematic CCU firmware inside a virtualized container (lxc) on Raspbian or Armbian.
  • RaspberryMatic - Lightweight, OCCU and Linux/buildroot-based distribution for running a HomeMatic CCU on embedded devices like the RaspberryPi.

Alternative Sensors, Actuators and Hardware Modifications

CCU Addons

  • CCU Historian - Langzeit Archiv und Graphen.
  • CUxD - Der "Leatherman" für die CCU. Verbindet FS20, ... (💵 EnOcean, ...), stellt virtuelle Geräte und hilfreiche Tools zur Verfügung.
  • Email - HomeMatic CCU Addon für den Email Versand.
  • HAP-HomeMatic - RaspberryMatic / CCU3 addon to access your HomeMatic devices from HomeKit. Its much like but without homebridge.
  • hm-print - CCU Programme drucken.
  • hm-tools - Sammlung von Tools für RaspberryMatic.
  • hm_pdetect - Anwesenheitserkennung über die FRITZ!-Box
  • Homeputer - 💵
  • Homematic-addon-hue - HomeMatic Addon für Philips Hue.
  • homematic_check_mk - Addon for the Homematic CCU2 or a Raspberrymatic device which acts as an check_mk_agent.
  • jq - jq packaged as Addon for the Homematic CCU3.
  • Mosquitto - Mosquitto packaged as Addon for the Homematic CCU3 and RaspberryMatic
  • Patcher - CCU3 Addon zur komfortablen Anwendung von Patches.
  • rmupdate - RaspberryMatic Addon das RaspberryMatic selbst aktualisieren kann, vereinfacht die WLAN Konfiguration mit GUI und kann andere Addons ohne Zwangsreboot installieren und aktualisieren
  • Redis - Redis packaged as Addon for the Homematic CCU3 and RaspberryMatic
  • RedMatic - Node-RED als Addon für die Homematic CCU3 und RaspberryMatic. Liefert u.A. komfortable HomeKit-Integration und spezielle Nodes zur Anbindung der CCU an MQTT mit.
  • XML-API - Vereinfachter CCU Zugriff via HTTP/XML.

Interfacing Software

Misc Software

  • check_homematic - Nagios/Icinga Plugin for checking Homematic CCU.
  • hm-simulator - Simulates (partly) a Homematic CCU.
  • hmcfgusb - Utilities to use the HM-CFG-USB(2) on Linux/Unix.
  • HomeHub - PHP/XML-API basiertes Webfrontend. Forum
  • homematic-manager - Manage homematic interface processes (rfd/hs485d/homegear).
  • language-homematic - Adds syntax highlighting and snippets to HomeMatic Script files in Atom.
  • occu-test - Automated System Tests of ReGaHss - the HomeMatic (O)CCU "Logic Layer".
  • HMScriptEditor - A very simple macOS editor and runner for HomeMatic ("Rega") scripts.

Software Modules

Smart Home Software supporting Homematic



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