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Awesome Prometheus

A curated list of awesome Prometheus resources, projects and tools.

Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.


Official resources




Podcasts and interviews


Blog posts and opinions

Deployment tools

  • Ansitheus - Ansible playbook to containerize, configure and deploy Prometheus ecosystem by ntk148v.
  • Cloud Alchemy Ansible roles - Ansible roles to manage Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana, and commond Prometheus exporters.
  • Ansible-prometheus - Ansible playbook for installing Prometheus monitoring system, exporters such as: node, snmp, blackbox, thus alert manager and push gateway by Ernestas Poskus.
  • Click-to-deploy Prometheus - Source for Google Click to Deploy Prometheus solutions listed on Google Cloud Marketplace by GoogleCloudPlatform.
  • Prometheus Operator - Prometheus Operator creates/configures/manages Prometheus clusters atop Kubernetes by CoreOS.



The lists below contain all the official Prometheus exporters that are maintained by the Prometheus GitHub organization. For a complete list of exporters including any non-official exporters see or for a curated list of Prometheus exporters.



Other monitoring systems


  • Blackbox - The Blackbox exporter allows blackbox probing of endpoints over HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP and ICMP.



  • Multi-prometheus proxy - Forwards incoming requests to one of a set of multiple Prometheus instances deployed as HA duplicates of each other using a selector strategy.
  • Promxy - Deduplicates data from Prometheus HA pairs.
  • Trickster - HTTP reverse proxy/cache for HTTP applications and a dashboard query accelerator for time series databases.
  • exporter_proxy - A tiny, simple pure-python reverse-proxy for Prometheus exporters, with TLS support.
  • PromQL Guard - Provides a thin proxy on top of Prometheus, that allows PromQL queries to be inspected and re-written, so that a tenant can only see allowed data, even when using a shared Prometheus server.

High Availability

  • Cortex - Horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant, long-term Prometheus.
  • Thanos - Highly available Prometheus setup with long term storage capabilities.
  • M3DB - Scalable long-term remote storage for Prometheus.
  • VictoriaMetrics - Cost-effective easy to operate remote storage for Prometheus.


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