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Awesome Software Architecture

Software architecture aims to describe the high level structures of software as well as the discipline of creating them. As this topic is pretty broad, it might contain some resources that are also present in more niche lists.

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  • Flexibility - Able to adapt to changes in both environment and usability requirements without encompassing structural changes.

Design Patterns​

Scalability and Resilience​

  • Circuit Breaker - Protecting failing resources to prevent cascading failures.
  • Bulkhead - Partition resources to isolate failures.
  • Leader Election - Coordinate distributed workloads by electing a leader.



Workshop formats​



  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect - Object-oriented modelling suite. Only available natively for Windows.
  • Visual Paradigm - Similar to Enterprise Architect. Available for multiple platforms.
  • Lucidchart - Paid cloud-based diagram editor. Available on all common platforms.
  • - Free and simple diagram editor. Comparable to Visio and its likes. Available on all common platforms.
  • Structurizr - Modelling tool based on the C4 Model (see above).
  • PlantUML - Like markdown for diagrams, PlantUML renders an english-like grammer into diagrams.
  • PlantUML for Atlassian - Adds support for PlantUML-based diagrams in the atlassian suite.
  • - Collaborative sketchboarding.



Lean software development​

Extreme programming​

  • Extreme Programming - The most specific of the popular agile processes, focusing on engineering and development practices.




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