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Awesome Veganism

A curated list of awesome resources, pointers, and tips to make veganism easy and accessible to everyone.

Veganism is a plant-based lifestyle, avoiding animal products as much as possible. This list is an attempt to create a community driven approach to guarantee no-nonsense content, 100% aligned with the vegan lifestyle, in order to minimise the effort needed for an awesome experience.



  • Happily Ever Esther - Wonderful true life tale, with a lot of love and compassion, and it's hilarious.
  • That's Not My Momma's Milk! - Really simple book, really easy to grasp and makes anyone of any age think, by exploring the animal kingdom and where baby animals get their milk from.



This category is strictly limited to fully vegan / 100% plant-based bakeries.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Vegan Sugar Mama's - Delicious vegan treats in various colors, and even cookies with a personalised picture.
  • Berlin, Germany

  • Monster, Netherlands

    • My Cakes - Amazing selection of cakes, macarons, dutch specialties, and more.
  • Zaandijk, Netherlands

    • Vegan bakery - Dutch vegan bakery with a big selection of vegan cakes, muffins, and other awesomeness.
  • Portland, OR, USA


This category is strictly limited to fully vegan / 100% plant-based restaurants.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Deer Mama - Mylkshakes, burgers, nice food, and colorful cakes.
    • Koffie Ende Koeck - Small vegan cafe, with nice brunch, and awesome vegan high tea.
    • Loving Hut - Cozy and family friendly with Asian kitchen and some dutch classics.
    • Mooshka - Stylish place with nice atmosphere, and a great variety of tasty dishes and drinks.
    • Mr. & Mrs. Watson - Relaxed atmosphere, nice drinks, and great dishes.
    • TerraZen Centre - Chill vibe and mouth-watering dishes with Caribbean and Japanese influence, really close to central station.
    • Trevi's Plant Based Italian Food - Cozy Italian, lovely vibe, amazing and authentic food, feels and tastes like in Italy.
    • Vegan Junk Food Bar - High quality burgers, fancy hotdogs, Dutch specialties like Bitterballen, cocktails, and more.
    • Yemayá's Vegan Corner - Super tasty food driven by sustainable local community efforts.
  • Berkeley, CA, USA

    • The Butcher's Son - Comfort food spilling off of your plate. Grab a main, a couple of sides and a plenty of napkins.
  • Bonn, Germany

  • Eindhoven, Netherlands

    • Bar Bistro Calypso - Cosiest livingroom in town, with tasty no-nonsense dishes and good drinks.
    • Bij Albrecht - Vegan and organic food experience with seasonal produce.
    • Jungle Café & Catering - Vegan coffeebar & lunchroom for young and old. Also offers catering & take away.
    • Vegan Heroes - Great vegan fast food, smoothie bowls, snacks, and desserts.
  • Hilversum, Netherlands

    • Mr. Vegan Foodbar - Amazing selection of delicious soups, bowls, curries, quality junk food, and tasty snacks.
  • Köln, Germany

    • Sattgrün - Buffet with great varieity and quality.
  • London, UK

    • Eat By Cloe - For the mandatory fish and chips this place is definitely worth visiting.
  • New York, USA

    • Berben & Wolff's - Easygoing counter-serve deli with a cheerful vibe specializing in vegan light fare & desserts. Locations in Albany and Troy, New York.
  • Oakland, USA

    • Millennium Restaurant - Far cry from your ordinary vegan spot in that it takes a hands on, from scratch approach to food which assures a fresh, local, organic and homemade product every time.
  • Ashland, OR, USA

    • NW Raw - Juices and snacks, vegan ice cream.
  • Utrecht, Netherlands

    • Oproer - Local brewery with tasty beers and vegan street food.


  • VEGA-LIFE - Shoes, fashion, lifestlye products, 20+ years around.
  • Vegabond - Fully vegan store, in-house deli, and catering in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Vegan Mission - Online store for Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • veggie4u - Dutch webshop with big selection of food.
  • veganized - Spanish (Malaga) store with mens, womens and children clothes.


This category is stricly limited to fully vegan / 100% plant-based brands.

  • AlPro - Big variety of plant-based products.
  • Bedda - Whole selection of nice non-milk cheese slices and blocks, shreds to melt, as well as sauces, and cream cheese.
  • Beyond Meat - Very convincing burgers, sausages, meatballs, and more, all based on plants.
  • Dandies - Delicious, soft, melting, and all natural marshmallows with vanilla, pumpkin, or peppermint taste.
  • Daiya - Amazing cheesecakes, frozen pizzas, various cheesy products, and more desserts.
  • Eat Real - Snacking galore with chips, sticks, and puffs; offering tastes like sour cream & chives, paprika, chilli cheese, mediterranean, and others.
  • Happy Cashew - Creamy, delicious cashew based milk product alternatives, with a big variety of brie style cheeses and more.
  • Nurishh - Great selection of different cheeses with various tastes.
  • Oatly - Amazing range of oat based products from Sweden.
  • Peas of Heaven - Wide range of tasty products based on peas, from cocktail sausages, over bratwurst, to slices.
  • Petit Veganne - Amazing French artisanal cheese, soft and creamy brie with different flavours.
  • Provamel - Delicious organic and biological plant-based yogurts, milky drinks, and soy desserts.
  • Tofuture - Awesome tofu press, super easy and reliable to use, and can be placed in the fridge.
  • Tofurky - Delicious sausages, deli slices, burgers, roasts, and other plant-based protein products.
  • Valsoia - Absolutely amazing Italian ice cream, ice cones, hazelnut spread, and other food products.
  • Vantastic Foods - Massive selection of plant-based products, including their own brand with different types of delicious sausages, slices, and more.
  • Vega - Big selection of plant-based protein powders, power bars, vitamins, and supplements for bodybuilders and fitness people.
  • Vegafit - Broad and tasty selection of plant-based meat products.
  • Vego - Super delicious chocolate bars with hazel nuts, as well as crunchy chocolate spread, and white almond chocolate.
  • Vegusto - Unbelievable good swiss vegan cheese (No-Muh), plant-based meats, as well as vegan animal food.
  • Violife - Really good plant-based cheese products that actually melt as well.


  • /r/Vegan - Largest vegan community on the internet.
  • Gewoon Vegan - Really useful website showing a lot of regular vegan products that can be found in Dutch supermarkets.
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme - Dutch association for veganism, running a magazine, giving yearly vegan awards, supporting the community, and various other projects.
  • Vegan Wiki - Wiki from the Dutch association for veganism with a huge collection of products available in the Netherlands.


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