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Awesome Node-RED Curated list of useful resources for Node-RED.

Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.

It provides a browser-based editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette that can be deployed to its runtime in a single-click.






  • badwords - Analyses the payload and tries to filter out any messages containing bad swear words. This only operates on payloads of type string. Everything else is blocked.
  • wordpos - Analyses the payload and classifies the part-of-speech of each word. The resulting message has msg.pos added with the results. A word may appear in multiple categories (eg, 'great' is both a noun and an adjective).


  • influxdb - Save and query data from an InfluxDB time series database.
  • mssql-plus - Execute queries, stored procedures and bulk inserts in Microsoft SQL Server and Azure Databases SQL2000 ~ SQL2019.
  • stackhero-influxdb-v2 - Save and query data from an InfluxDB v2 time series database.
  • stackhero-mysql - Connect to a MySQL or a MariaDB database, using TLS (SSL) and compatible with "Caching SHA2 password" authentication method (MySQL >= 8).
  • leveldb - Uses LevelDB for a simple key value pair database.
  • mysql - Allows basic access to a MySQL database.
  • sqlite - Supports read and write to a local sqlite database.


  • typescript-starter - Quick-start template repository for creating new node sets in TypeScript.


  • datagenerater - Generate dummy data in various formats, names, addresses, emails, numbers, words, etc.
  • pidcontrol - A PID control node for numeric inputs - provides simple controll loop feedback capability.
  • random - Random number generator - can generate integers for x to y - or floats between x and y.
  • rbe - Provide report by exception and deadband / bandgap capability for simple inputs.
  • smooth - Provide various functions across several previous values, including max, min, mean, high and low pass filters.



  • discovery - Discovers other Avahi/Bonjour services on the network.
  • emoncms - Post to an Emoncms server.
  • noble-bluetooth - Based on noble for interaction with Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
  • mindconnect - Upload timeseries, files and events to MindSphere.
  • modbus - All in one Modbus TCP and Serial package.
  • mqlight - Adds nodes to send and receive using MQlight.
  • ping - Pings a machine and returns the trip time in mS.
  • s7 - Interact with Siemens S7 PLCs.
  • serialport - Send messages to and receive messages from a physical serial port.
  • snmp - SNMP receivers for single OIDs or OID tables.
  • stomp - Publish and subscribe to and from a STOMP server.
  • wol - Sends a Wake-On-LAN magic packet to the mac address specified.
  • xiaomi-ble - Single "Xiaomi BLE" node that gets all known data from Xiaomi BLE (Bluetooth 4).


  • base64 - Converts a payload to/from base64 encoded format.
  • geohash - Converts a lat, lon payload to/from geohash format.
  • msgpack - Converts a payload to/from msgpack binary packed format.
  • what3words - Encodes or Decodes a lat, lon position into what3words text format.


  • alexa-home - Connect with Alexa just wihtin the local network - no extra cloud stuff is required.
  • alexa-home-skill-v3 - Controls things via Alexa and Google Home.
  • alexa-remote2-applestrudel - Interacting with the Alexa API. Emulates routine behaviour, control and query your devices.
  • avr-yamaha - Integrate and control YAMAHA™ audio/video receiver via YNCA protocol.
  • ccu - Connect with Homematic, a series of smart home automation hardware from the manufacturer eQ-3, popular especially in Germany.
  • deconz - Access Zigbee 3.0 (Z30), Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) and Zigbee Light Link (ZLL) lights via deCONZ.
  • fritz - Provides easy access to your AVM Fritz!Box. Read and write the configuration including the VoIP and Dect configuration.
  • fritzapi - Controls smart home DECT devices and guest wifi through an AVM Fritz!Box.
  • harmony - Controls devices connected to a Logitech™ Harmony Hub.
  • home-assistant - Connect with Home Assistant.
  • home-assistant-websocket - Various nodes using websockets to assist in setting up communication with Home Assistant.
  • homebridge-automation - Integrate Homebridge Accessories into flows.
  • homee - Access the homee api and create virtual devices for homee.
  • homekit-bridged - Imitate HomeKit devices.
  • huemagic - Controls Philips Hue bridges, lights, groups, scenes, rules, taps, switches, buttons, motion sensors, temperature sensors and Lux sensors.
  • lgtv - Controls LG webOS Smart TVs.
  • loxone - Connect to the Loxone Miniserver.
  • knx-ultimate - Controls KNX intallation. With optional ETS group address importer and gateway simulation.
  • openhab3 - Integration of openHAB item states and commands.
  • power-saver - Automatically save money on variable electricity prices.
  • smartnora - Google smart home Action integration via Smart NORA.
  • sonos-plus - Controls Sonos player in your local network.
  • tado-client - Connect to the Tado Web API.
  • tahoma - Controls a Somfy Tahoma box (Roller shutters, etc.).
  • tasmota - Tasmota devices integration for building automation.
  • tuya-smart - Interface with smart plugs, bulbs, etc. from tuya.
  • zigbee - Controls Zigbee Devices via a CC253x Module.
  • zigbee2mqtt - Zigbee2mqtt connectivity.
  • zwave-js - Integrates Z-Wave node based on Z-Wave JS.


  • chatbot - Full featured chat bot for Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Twilio and Slack.
  • discord-advanced - Interact with Discord, via Discord.js.
  • dweetio - Uses dweetio to send/receive messages.
  • email - Sends and receives simple emails from services like gmail or smtp or imap servers.
  • feedparser - Reads messages from an atom or rss feed.
  • irc - Connect to an IRC server to send and receive messages.
  • notify - Uses Growl to provide a desktop popup. Only useful on the local Apple machine.
  • prowl - Uses Prowl to push to an Apple device that has the Prowl app installed.
  • pushbullet - Uses PushBullet to push an Android device that has the app installed.
  • pusher - Publish-Subscribe to a Pusher channel/event.
  • pushover - Sends alerts via Pushover.
  • PushStaq - Send real time alerts using Push Notifications from your Node-Red flows to any device with PushStaq.
  • slack - Interact with the Slack API.
  • sms77 - Uses sms77 service for SMS, text-to-speech calls and number lookups.
  • telegrambot - Contains a receiver and a sender node which act as a Telegram Bot.
  • twilio - Uses Twilio service to send/receive text messages.
  • whin - Send and receive whatsapps from within a nodered flow.
  • xmpp - Connect to an XMPP server to send and receive messages.
  • open-wa (whatsapp) - Efficiently connect to remote instances of your open-wa whatsapp automate servers.


  • aedes - MQTT Broker based on Aedes.
  • dockerode - Connect to Docker daemon.
  • os - Obtain system information.


  • blindcontroller - Automate the control of household roller blinds based on the current position of the sun.
  • bigtimer - Timing node with support for dusk/sunset dawn/sunrise and variations also day/week/month (and special days) control. The node offers outputs suitable for MQTT, speech and databases.
  • suncalc - Uses the suncalc module to generate an output at sunrise and sunset based on a specified location.
  • simpletime - Adds time and date payloads with various formatting options, which can be retreived and used later in the flow.
  • sun-position - Timer based flow control with dusk, dawn (and variations) and much more. Additional you can get sun and moon position or to control a flow by sun or moon position.
  • timeswitch - Lets the user set simple repeating timers for example for simple heating control, etc.


  • actionflows - Brings easy to use loops and OOP (object oriented programming) features.
  • alarm - Build your own home alarm system with any number of panels, zones, sensors, triggers and automations.
  • bool-gate - Boolean logic gates.
  • daemon - Starts up (calls) a long running system program and pipes STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR to and from that process.
  • exif - Extracts GPS and other EXIF information from a passed in jpeg image.
  • german-holidays - Getting german holidays or information if today/tomorrow is a holiday.
  • ical-events - Get events from an ical-URL, a caldav-server or from iCloud via kalender-events.
  • interval-length - Measure the (time) interval length between successive messages.
  • moment - Produces a nicely formatted Date/Time string using the Moment.js library.
  • owntracks - Converts Owntrack Messages into standard geo message and deals with encrypted locations.
  • persist - Persist data over Node-RED restarts and deploys.
  • self-healing - Making Node-RED more resilient by adding self-healing capabilities.
  • state-machine - Wraps around the JavaScript State Machine to implement a finite state machine.
  • string - Provides native and extended chainable JavaScript string parsing and manipulation methods.
  • twc-weather - The Weather Company and Weather Underground Personal Weather Station APIs.
  • users - Quickly build a very simple user access control for HTTP-based flows.
  • watson - Interact with the IBM Watson services in IBM Cloud.




Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.

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