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Awesome Haskell

An auxiliary list of awesome Haskell links, frameworks, libraries and software. The part of the awesome projects line.


  • Alex - a lexical analyser generator for Haskell.
  • Cabal - a system for building and packaging Haskell libraries and programs.
  • GHC - the state-of-the-art optimizing native code compiler for Haskell.
  • GHCi - a bytecode interpreter and interactive REPL environment for Haskell.
  • Hackage - the Haskell community's central package archive.
  • Haddock - a tool for automatically generating documentation from annotated Haskell source code.
  • Happy - The Parser Generator for Haskell.
  • Hayoo - will search all packages from Hackage, including all function and type definitions.
  • Hoogle - a Haskell API search engine, which allows you to search many standard Haskell libraries by either function name, or by approximate type signature.
  • hsenv - a tool to create isolated Haskell environments. This allows a project to use a GHC version different of the currently installed.
  • Stack - a cross-platform tool to help on building Haskell projects. It includes support to create isolated Haskell environments and to automatically manage the dependencies of a project.
  • Stackage - "Stable Hackage," tools for creating a vetted set of packages from Hackage.
  • The Haskell Platform - a comprehensive, robust development environment for programming in Haskell.


Audio, Music & Sound

  • Audio, music and sound - official Website Resources.

  • Audio - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Codec - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Graphics - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Media - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Music - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Sound - a collaborative Hackage list.

Category Theory


Concurrency & Parallelism


  • Deiko-config - small typesafe library that uses HOCON config format
  • Dhall - A configuration language guaranteed to terminate
  • Configurator - A configuration management library which supports automatic, dynamic reloading in response to modifications to configuration files.

Cryptography & Hashing

Data Access

  • Haxl - a library for efficient, concurrent, concise data access.

Data Formats

  • JSON - a collaborative Hackage list.
  • PDF - a collaborative Hackage list.
  • XML - a collaborative Hackage list.
  • RSS - a collaborative Hackage list.

Data Science

Data Structures


Development Tools

Distributed Computing





  • Games - Official Website Resources.

  • Game - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Game Engine - a collaborative Hackage list.




  • Network - Official Website Resources

  • Network - a collaborative Hackage list.

Number Theory

Web / Frameworks

  • Web Servers - Official Website Resources.

  • Web Frameworks - Official Website Resources.

  • Cloud - Official Website Resources.

  • Deploy - Official Website Resources.

  • Libraries - Official Website Resources.

  • Interfaces to Frameworks - Official Website Resources.

  • Database and Persistence - Official Website Resources.

  • Testing and Verification - Official Website Resources.

  • CMS - Official Website Resources for Content Management Systems (CMS).

  • IHP: Integrated Haskell Platform - The best way to get started with haskell web dev.

  • Web - a collaborative Hackage list of frameworks, libraries, ...


    Additional libraries

  • HTTP - Haskell HTTP package. Supports client-side web programming in Haskell.

  • hoauth2 - a lightweight oauth2 haskell binding.

Text Processing

  • Pandoc - is a library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library.


  • SimpleX Chat - the first chat platform that is 100% private by design - it has no access to your connection graph!
  • Stomp - is the Simple (or Streaming) Text Orientated Messaging Protocol. Resources.
  • amqp - client library for AMQP servers (currently only RabbitMQ).
  • IRC - a collaborative Hackage list for Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
  • [IRC Client]( Client) - a collaborative Hackage list.


  • Tools for interfacing with other languages - Official Website Resources.

  • Code Generation - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • FFI - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • FFI Tools - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • HTML - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Java - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Javascript - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • LaTex - a collaborative Hackage list.

  • Lua - a collaborative Hackage list.


    Additional languages on top of Haskell

  • Fay - a proper subset of Haskell that compiles to JavaScript.

  • Idris - A Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language

  • Copilot - a (Haskell DSL) stream language for generating hard real-time C code.

Operating Systems


  • .NET - a collaborative Hackage list.
  • Apple - a collaborative Hackage list.
  • JVM - a collaborative Hackage list.
  • Mobile - a collaborative Hackage list.



Streaming Processing

  • Conduit - a streaming data library. Resources.
  • IO-Streams - a collaborative Hackage list.
  • Pipes - is a clean and powerful stream processing library that lets you build and connect reusable streaming components. Resources.
  • HStreamDB - The streaming database built for IoT data storage and real-time processing.






Video Tutorials




  • Stackage - is a stable source of Haskell packages, "Stable Hackage".
  • Hackage - is the Haskell community's central package archive.
  • Application & Libraries - Official collections and Guide.
  • Hoogle - is a Haskell API search engine, which allows you to search many standard Haskell libraries by either function name, or by approximate type signature.
  • Hayoo - will search all packages from Hackage, including all function and type definitions.

Best Practices


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