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Python for Scientific Audio

The aim of this repository is to create a comprehensive, curated list of python software/tools related and used for scientific research in audio/music applications.


  • Total number of packages: 66


Transformations - General DSPโ€‹

Feature extractionโ€‹

Data augmentationโ€‹

Speech Processingโ€‹

Environmental Soundsโ€‹

Perceptial Models - Auditory Modelsโ€‹

Source Separationโ€‹

Music Information Retrievalโ€‹

Deep Learningโ€‹

Symbolic Music - MIDI - Musicologyโ€‹

Realtime applicationsโ€‹

Web Audioโ€‹

Audio Dataset and Dataloadersโ€‹

Wrappers for Audio Pluginsโ€‹



Scientific Papersโ€‹

Other Resourcesโ€‹

There is already PythonInMusic but it is not up to date and includes too many packages of special interest that are mostly not relevant for scientific applications. Awesome-Python is large curated list of python packages. However, the audio section is very small.


Your contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.

I will keep some pull requests open if I'm not sure whether those libraries are awesome, you could vote for them by adding ๐Ÿ‘ to them.


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