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Awesome Python Typing

Collection of awesome Python types, stubs, plugins, and tools to work with them.


Full list of typed projects on PyPi is here.

Static type checkers

  • mypy - Optional static typing (PEP 484).
  • pyanalyze - Extensible static analyzer and type checker.
  • pycharm - IDE for Professional Developers.
  • pyre - Performant type-checker.
  • pyright - Fast type checker meant for large Python source bases. It can run in a “watch” mode and performs fast incremental updates when files are modified.
  • pytype - Tool to check and infer types - without requiring type annotations.

Dynamic type checkers

  • beartype - Unbearably fast O(1) runtime type-checking in pure Python.
  • pydantic - Data parsing using Python type hinting. Supports dataclasses.
  • pytypes - Provides a rich set of utilities for runtime typechecking.
  • strongtyping - Decorator which checks whether the function is called with the correct type of parameters.
  • typedpy - Type-safe, strict Python. Works well with standard Python.
  • typeguard - Another one runtime type checker.
  • typical - Data parsing and automatic type-coercion using type hinting. Supports dataclasses, standard classes, function signatures, and more.
  • trycast - Parse JSON-like values whose shape is defined by typed dictionaries (TypedDicts) and other standard Python type hints.

Stub packages

Additional types

  • meiga - Simple, typed and monad-based Result type.
  • option - Rust like Option and Result types.
  • phantom-types - Phantom types.
  • returns - Make your functions return something meaningful, typed, and safe.
  • safetywrap - Fully typesafe, Rust-like Result and Option types.
  • typet - Length-bounded types, dynamic object validation.

Backports and improvements

  • typed-ast - Modified fork of CPython's ast module that parses # type: comments.
  • typing-extensions - Backported and experimental type hints.
  • typing-utils - Backport 3.8+ runtime typing utils(for eg: get_origin) & add issubtype & more.
  • typingplus - Backport support, dynamic is_instance and cast for abstract types.




Working with types

  • com2ann - Tool for translation of type comments to type annotations.
  • merge-pyi - Part of pytype toolchain, applies stub files onto source code.
  • mypy-protobuf - Tool to generate mypy stubs from protobufs.
  • mypy-silent - Silence mypy by adding or removing code comments.
  • mypyc - Compiles mypy-annotated, statically typed Python modules into CPython C extensions.
  • retype - Another tool to apply stubs to code.
  • pep585-upgrade - Pre-commit hook configured to automatically upgrade your type hints to the new native types implemented in PEP 585.
  • typeforce - CLI tool that enriches your Python environment with type annotations, empowering mypy.
  • typing-inspect - The typing_inspect module defines experimental API for runtime inspection of types defined in the typing module.
  • typing-json - Lib for working with typed objects and JSON.
  • typesplainer - A Python type explainer.

Helper tools to add annotations to existing code

  • autotyping - Automatically add simple return type annotations for functions (bool, None, Optional).
  • monkeytype - Collects runtime types of function arguments and return values, and can automatically generate stub files or even add draft type annotations directly to your code based on the types collected at runtime.
  • pyannotate - Insert annotations into your source code based on call arguments and return types observed at runtime.
  • pyre infer - Pyre has a powerful feature for migrating codebases to a typed format. The infer command-line option ingests a file or directory, makes educated guesses about the types used, and applies the annotations to the files.
  • pytest-annotate - Pyannotate plugin for pytest.
  • pytest-monkeytype - MonkeyType plugin for pytest.
  • pytype annotate-ast - A work-in-progress tool to annotate the nodes of an AST with their Python types.
  • type4py - Deep Similarity Learning-Based Type Inference.
  • typilus - A deep learning algorithm for predicting types in Python. Also available as a GitHub action
  • auto-optional - Makes typed arguments Optional when the default argument is None.

Mypy plugins




  • PEP-3107 - Function Annotations.
  • PEP-482 - Literature Overview for Type Hints.
  • PEP-483 - The Theory of Type Hints.
  • PEP-484 - Type Hints.
  • PEP-526 - Syntax for Variable Annotations.
  • PEP-544 - Protocols: Structural subtyping (static duck typing).
  • PEP-557 - Data Classes.
  • PEP-560 - Core support for typing module and generic types.
  • PEP-561 - Distributing and Packaging Type Information.
  • PEP-563 - Postponed Evaluation of Annotations.
  • PEP-585 - Type Hinting Generics In Standard Collections.
  • PEP-586 - Literal Types.
  • PEP-589 - TypedDict: Type Hints for Dictionaries with a Fixed Set of Keys.
  • PEP-591 - Adding a final qualifier to typing.
  • PEP-593 - Flexible function and variable annotations.
  • PEP-604 - Complementary syntax for Union[].
  • PEP-612 - Parameter Specification Variables.
  • PEP-613 - Explicit Type Aliases.

Third-party articles


  • awesome-python - Curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.
  • python-typecheckers - List of Python type checkers: static and runtime.

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