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Awesome Playwright

A curated list of awesome tools, utils and projects using Playwright

Playwright is a Node.js library to automate Firefox, WebKit and Chromium based browsers via a single API.



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  • Demo.Playwright - Various testing scenarios with Playwright, using the official test-runner and scripts authored in TypeScript.
  • playwright-jest-examples - Examples of the Jest Playwright tools in combination to test popular sites.
  • VS Code - Playwright is used to run cross-browser tests on their web builds.
  • TypeScript - Playwright is used test typescript.js across browsers.
  • Elastic APM JS agent - Playwright is used to run benchmark tests across browsers.
  • Blockstack - Playwright is used to run cross-browser UI tests.
  • xterm.js - Playwright is used to run cross-browser integration tests.
  • Heroku Playwright Example - Example using Playwright on Heroku.


  • - Practical guides and runnable examples on Playwright (and Puppeteer).
  • - A central home for tutorials, tooling, and showcases of the Playwright ecosystem.


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