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Awesome Code Review

A curated list of tools, articles, books, and any other resource related to code review

Code review is the systematic examination (sometimes referred to as peer review) of computer source code.


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  • Crucible Atlassian's on-premise code review tool.
  • Gerrit Open source git code review tool originating out of Google.
  • GitHub Git hosting and pioneer of the "Pull Request".
  • Gitpod Code review pull requests in a full IDE within your browser.
  • GitRise Slack Reminders for GitHub pull requests
  • LGTM Automated Git code review for GitHub and Bitbucket pull requests for finding security vulnerabilities and code quality issues.
  • Phabricator Open source git/mercurial/svn code review tool originating out of Facebook.
  • PullRequest Code review as a service for GitHub pull requests.
  • Pull Reminders Automated Slack reminders and metrics for GitHub pull requests.
  • Reviewable Code review tool built on top of GitHub pull requests.
  • Review Board Open source review tool that is SCM/platform neutral.
  • Rubberduck Browser extension to adds code-aware navigation to GitHub pull requests.
  • Sider Automated code review service for GitHub.
  • Softagram Automated code change visualization (and dependency analytics) for pull requests, merge requests (GitLab) and patch sets (Gerrit).
  • SonarCloud Detect code smells, bugs and vulnerabilities in Azure DevOps, Bitbucket and GitHub repositories.
  • Upsource JetBrain's on-premise git/mercurial/perforce/svn code review tool.
  • Viezly Code review service with pull request visualization and enhanced navigation between changes.


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